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Communication and Media

Express your ideas through print, film, radio, or visuals. Our expert instructors can help you take your creative or professional communication skills in new directions. And at The Chang School, we make sure you get hands-on experience in the medium of your choice.


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Design Management

With an appreciation of design and business fundamentals, design managers create and maintain collaborative relationships among designers, clients, and administrators. Their contribution is an essential factor in the success of their organizations.

Film Studies

The Film Studies program provides a good basic grounding in the principles, contemporary theories, and techniques of the motion picture medium. Courses range from an introduction to basic filmmaking to specialized courses such as screen writing; cinematography and lighting workshops; directing screen performance; production design; and sound design. It is an excellent starting point for people who want to pursue a career in the film industry or satisfy their curiosity about film and film production.

Equipment/Facilities Use: Please note that equipment and facilities use outside of class time will not be provided.

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Business of Film

CDMP 109 — Business of Film - Producing
CDMP 150 — Negotiating Deals in Hollywood
CDMP 209 — Business of Film - Development
CDMP 215 — Movie Marketing and Distribution

Film Studies
These courses introduce you to the techniques of motion picture film production with a focus on practical filmmaking. Their combination of lecture and lab familiarizes you with cinematographic technology and methods, and gives you opportunities to apply your knowledge in exercises and project work. Because of limited space, registration in motion picture production courses is offered to registered Film Studies certificate program students first.

CDMP 114 — Post-Production Sound
CDMP 117 — Film Technology I
CDMP 118 — Film and Sound Editing I
CDMP 119 — Digital Film Production I
CDMP 120 — Film History
CDMP 121 — Film Theory
CDMP 122 — Production Design for Film and Theatre
CDMP 123 — Art Direction for Film and Special Events
CDMP 125 — Fiction Screenwriting
CDMP 126 — Non-Fiction Screenwriting
CDMP 129 — Motion Picture Production I
CDMP 155 — Motion Picture Special Effects I
CDMP 223 — Film Technology II
CDMP 229 — Motion Picture Production II
CDMP 231 — Short Filmmaking: On Location
CDMP 232 — Documentary Filmmaking in Cuba
CDMP 606 — Writing Film Fiction
CDMP 609 — Introduction to Filmmaking
CDMP 610 — Writing Film Reviews
CDMP 700 — Advanced Screenwriting
CDMP 999 — Summer Film School
CFPN 502 — Directing Screen Performance - Basic Principles
CFPN 531 — Cinematography and Lighting Design I
CFPN 631 — Cinematography and Lighting Design II

Graphic Communications

Graphic Communications is one of the most vigorous and exciting industries in Canada today. The preparation of layouts, designs, files, proofs, and finished jobs in the printing industry require the use of advanced hardware, software, and technology. Knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field are rewarded with challenging opportunities. Students may enroll directly into entry-level courses. No interview or portfolio is required. For more information, visit

New Media

The following series of courses provides instruction that is relevant to new media production in business, in the communications industry, in architecture and interior design, and in education and the arts. Courses explore production concepts and the creative possibilities of composition, computer imaging, and many other aspects of new media.

Equipment/Facilities Use: Please note that equipment and facilities use outside of class time will not be provided.


As photography continues to hold its own as a leading medium of communication, opportunities for skilled photographers have never been greater; at the same time, more and more people are discovering the creative rewards that photography offers to the hobbyist. Whatever your level of interest, you’ll find many exciting and novel opportunities to cultivate your artistry and technical skills in the following courses and workshops.

Equipment/Facilities Use: Please note that use of equipment and facilities outside of class time will not be provided. Extra time may be purchased.

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Radio, Television, Audio/Video Production

The School of Radio and Television Arts is housed in the Rogers Communications Centre, a multimillion-dollar facility dedicated to the study of communications and electronic media. If you're driven to be part of the multifaceted communication industry, this is the place to get started. For more information, visit


Courses offered cover topics including business skills for the creative cultural sector, as well as make-up skills and techniques for theatre, film, and photography. Courses have been developed and will be taught by experienced professionals. For more information, visit and

Writing Workshops and Seminars

You can be the writer you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Let our group of talented instructors help unlock and develop your talents in short fiction, novel, poetry, or dramatic writing. Explore specialized genres. Tell your own life story. Enhance your business writing skills. For more information, including instructor biographies, visit

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