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2013–2014 Academic Year
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Gateway for International Professionals

Certificates and programs falling under the Gateway for International Professionals area of interest are open to Internationally Educated Professionals who meet the admission requirements.


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Gateway for International Professionals

International professionals often come to Canada with a breadth and depth of experience and credentials that simply aren’t recognized here. The Chang School's Gateway for International Professionals offers programming in several areas that accurately assesses your skills and provides you with the education and experience needed to succeed in the Canadian workplace at levels that correspond with your qualifications. For more information, visit

Canadian Social Work Practice (IESW)
These courses are only open to internationally educated professionals with social service experience approved through the Internationally Educated Social Work Professionals (IESW) program admission process.

Please visit for information on the IESW program.

CVSW 31A/B — Social Work Practice Seminar
CVSW 35A/B — Field Practicum
CVSW 36A/B — Field Practicum for Internationally Educated Social Workers
CVSW 900 — Foundations of Social Work
CVSW 901 — Introduction to Social Services in Ontario
CVSW 917 — Special Topics I
CVSW 918 — Special Topics II
CVSW 921 — Interviewing and Documentation in the Canadian Social Services Sector
CVSW 930 — Community Mental Health Relief Worker

Dietetics (IDPP)
Dietetics plays an important role in health care, industry, government, and education. It influences the development and promotion of consumer products, nutrition information, quality food service in health institutions, and various public policy-making choices. For information about the Internationally Educated Dietitians Pre-registration Program (IDPP), visit

CVID 101 — Orientation to Dietetics in Canada
CVID 102 — Evidence-informed Practice
CVID 103 — Communication and Dietetics Practice
CVID 104 — Food and Nutrition Foundations
CVID 500 — Intercultural Communication and Dietetics Practice
CVID 502 — Dietetics Practicum (PLA and Portfolio Formation)
CVID 504 — Integrated Foods and Nutrition
CVID 505 — Dietetics Practicum II - Administration
CVID 511 — Dietetics Practice in Canada I
CVID 514 — Dietetics Practice in Canada II
CVID 515 — Enteral Nutrition Assessment
CVID 516 — Parenteral Nutrition Assessment
CVID 519 — Project Proposal Development
CVID 520 — Dietetics Practice I
CVID 521 — Dietetics Practice II

International Accounting Professionals (IAFP)
Stream 1 - Bridge to Accounting Credentials in the IAFP program is intended for professionals whose immediate or long-term goal is certification and licensing with one of the accounting licensing bodies.

Please visit for information on the IAFP program.

CZAC 100 — Orientation Workshop: Accounting Credentials
CZAC 500 — Work Placement: Accounting
CZAC 640 — Advanced Business Law Workshop
CZAC 740 — Canadian Business Taxation I Workshop
CZAC 750 — Tax Practice I
CZAC 840 — Canadian Business Taxation II Workshop

International Finance Professionals (IAFP)
Stream 2 - Bridge to Employment in Financial Services in the IAFP program is intended for professionals whose immediate goal is to obtain employment in their areas of direct or related expertise or experience.

Please visit for information on the IAFP program.

CZAF 100 — Orientation Workshop: Employment in Financial Services
CZAF 500 — Work Placement: Financial Services

Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC)
Please visit for information on the Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) program.

CDCE 100 — Communication Skills Assessment and Planning
CDCE 110 — Assessment for Business IPs
CDCE 111 — Assessment for IAFP
CDCE 120 — Assessment for IT IPs
CDCE 130 — Assessment for Health Services IPs
CDCE 131 — Assessment for IESW
CDCE 210 — Introduction to Canadian Workplace Culture and Communication
CDCE 220 — Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
CDCE 230 — Customer Focused Service Principles
CDCE 240 — Organizational Practices in Canada
CDCE 310 — Formal and Informal Communication in the Workplace
CDCE 320 — Advanced Customer Focused Applications
CDCE 330 — Effective Persuasion and Public Speaking
CDCE 340 — Teamwork and Organizational Behaviour
CDCE 350 — Initiative and Innovation in the Workplace
CDCE 400 — Exploring Leadership Skills
CDCE 410 — Canadian Workplace Governance
CDCE 420 — Strategic Working Relationships
CDCE 430 — Leadership in Client Relations
CDCE 440 — Team Building
CDCE 910 — Effective Oral Communication
CDCE 920 — Canadian Workplace Etiquette

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