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<span id="_ctl16__ctl0_head_title">Ryerson: The Chang School: Course: CDJN 466</span>

CDJN 466 Inside Journalism

Course series
Communication & Design Program Area

Duration: 39 Hours
Fee: $725.97* (Payment in full is required at time of enrolment; HST Included.)

What draws people to journalism as a profession? And what keeps them there? What do journalists really do? How do they think? What happens behind the scenes? This course is an excellent primer for people considering the field of journalism as a first career choice or career switch. Students will explore the areas of print reporting, magazine writing, television news and current affairs, web reporting, column writing, and more; they will try their hand at some basic journalistic skills, and consider the profession from the viewpoint of popular culture, real-life stories from guest experts, and an evening in a working newsroom.

Fall 2016
Enrolment for this term is closed.
There are no classes/sections scheduled for this course in Fall 2016
Winter 2017
Enrolment for this term is closed.
There are no classes/sections scheduled for this course in Winter 2017
Spring/Summer 2017
Online enrolment for the Winter 2017 term will close effective Wednesday, February 1, 2017. However, for courses eligible for enrolment prior to the third scheduled class, students may enrol in person at the ServiceHub until Friday, February 3, 2017 (as long as space in the course is still available). Distance, language, and business courses are not eligible.
There are no classes/sections scheduled for this course in Spring/Summer 2017

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