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Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of accounting, progress to a more advanced level, earn a professional designation, or develop expertise in specialized business applications, the following accounting courses, along with the courses listed under Finance and Financial Planning, will meet your needs.
These courses are designed for non-native speakers and teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Modern Arabic. All students must take the Arabic Placement Test on the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website or attend one of our interview/placement assessment sessions.
Creating environments that are beautiful and functional is a complex and exciting process. Whether you are interested in interior or exterior spaces, these courses can introduce you to the principles, practices, and skills that contribute to effective design.
These courses give you the opportunity to develop your learning, research, ethical, and literacy competencies – important ingredients for success in any pursuit. They combine traditional education in the humanities with practical skills and theoretical approaches to deal with relevant societal issues. Arts and Contemporary Studies courses may be credited towards Ryerson University's full-time degree program, which stresses foundational skills and a broad liberal arts education.
Biology is the study of living organisms and systems, including tissues, cells, and the structure and function of macromolecules. These courses introduce you to the basic principles of biology, ecological and environmental issues, human biology, and microbiology. Pre-medicine and professional health career courses are taught.
These courses will help you develop the expertise to make effective use of the vast amount of data available in business today.
The explosion of information technology has transformed the way business is done in today’s world. It has also created a need for a new type of management professional - the information management specialist. The courses offered here will give you the foundation of knowledge and technical tools to manage your information resources effectively. For more information, visit
These courses will explore topics of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, and the social, economic, and political developments in the diverse Caribbean region. For more information, visit
These courses are of interest to professionals in the chemical and biological fields as well as those seeking to upgrade their skills and theoretical background in specific topics. Pre-medicine and professional health career courses are taught.
Child and youth care is a practice-based discipline, with roots in psychology, sociology, medicine, social work, and education. The following courses will allow you to explore a field focused on research and practice which integrates developmental, preventative, and therapeutic requirements into the life space of children, youth, families, and communities. For more information, visit
These courses are designed for non-native speakers and teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Mandarin using the standard Hànyu Pinyin phonetic system. All students must take the Chinese Placement Test on the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website or attend one of our interview/placement assessment sessions. For more information, visit
These courses can help you develop a high level of skill in written and oral communications and are especially relevant to business and government environments. They focus on building and integrating writing, analytical, and research skills so that your business presentations make your point and achieve your purpose. For more information, visit
The following courses can develop your computer expertise in two key areas. Some courses focus on language programming and operating systems; these are particularly recommended if your interests lie in technical or system support. Other courses focus on using computers to solve engineering or technical problems. In these, the emphasis is on learning how to translate problems into an appropriate mathematical form. In addition, computer security, digital forensics, and 3-D printing, visualization, and agile product prototyping are taught.

Note: Written approval is required before undergraduate degree program students can register in these courses. See Engineering Students.

Students will become familiar with the structural, administrative, political, and professional context of the criminal justice system and its related agencies, while also gaining an appreciation for the complex causes and consequences of crime in Canadian society.
These interdisciplinary courses will appeal to students interested in the comparative study of design for the performing arts in a range of media, including live theatre, film, television, animation, new media, and special events. For more information, visit
With an appreciation of design and business fundamentals, design managers create and maintain collaborative relationships among designers, clients, and administrators. Their contribution is an essential factor in the success of their organizations.
Disability Studies focuses on society's definition of and response to disability. Students explore the social context and experiences of persons with disabilities. For information on the Certificate in Advancing the AODA: Principles and Practices of Accessibility, visit
This program is designed for existing and aspiring disaster management and emergency services professionals and first responders who wish to upgrade their education, pursue career opportunities, or perform volunteer work. Courses provide broad knowledge, case studies, and hands-on application within the local, provincial, federal, and international sectors of disaster and emergency response.
These courses introduce you to the challenging field of early childhood education. Whether working with children who have special needs or those from different ethno-racial backgrounds, diversity is key. Those who flourish in the field know that teaching, assessing, and guiding children begins with an understanding of the Canadian cultural mosaic. Early childhood educators' contribution to society is immeasurable. For more information, visit
These courses offer you the opportunity to become competent in economic analysis and the application of economics to national and international problems.
In the energy management sector, for every two people retiring from the workforce, there is only one who is qualified in joining. The next leaders in the energy management sector require the knowledge and emerging skill sets vital to dealing with the technical and non-technical demand and response issues, fiscal oversight, project management, regulatory policy, and risk assessment that impacts energy generation, transport, distribution, and consumption. For more information, visit
These courses and workshops are ideally suited to technicians, technologists, or others working in engineering-related fields who wish to broaden their knowledge of current practices in engineering, upgrade their professional qualifications, or develop new skills that can be usefully applied in their work.

Note: Written approval is required before undergraduate degree students can register in these courses. See Engineering Students for more information.

We offer courses in English Literature and Creative Writing.
These credit and non-credit courses are designed for non-native speakers, who are still learning English and need to continue improving their English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. For more information, visit
With a strong focus on current public health issues, these courses will provide you with knowledge of the most effective way to manage a workforce through program planning, implementation, policy, and administrative techniques. These offerings are intended for public health professionals that are seeking to upgrade their managerial skills or working toward a supervisory or management position within their organization.
The environment is the natural, social, and built condition in which we live, and it is shaped by the interaction of the elements that surround us. Human impact on the environment requires effective management practices to protect the environment. Environmental sciences and management offer an increasing number of career opportunities in fields as varied as ecology, occupational health and safety, physical science, bioremediation, engineering, law, and management.
The facility and property manager is responsible for the integration of the workplace with the people and work of the organization. This program will provide knowledge and analytical skills for those who are being prepared by an organization to assume a role in facility and property management, those who are newly appointed to a facility or property management department, and those who wish to upgrade their credentials within the facility or property management department or to implement a career change. For more information, visit
Individuals seeking admission to the certificate program are strongly encouraged to contact the academic coordinator, Catherine Moher, by email. For general information on the program, phone 416.979.5035 or attend an Open House session. For more information, visit
The following fashion courses offer you an eclectic mix of choices. Ranging from sewing and retail and merchandising issues to pattern drafting and fashion drawing, they are suited to both your professional and personal learning interests. For more information, visit
The Film Studies program provides a good basic grounding in the principles, contemporary theories, and techniques of the motion picture medium. Courses range from an introduction to basic filmmaking to specialized courses such as screen writing; cinematography and lighting workshops; directing screen performance; production design; and sound design. It is an excellent starting point for people who want to pursue a career in the film industry or satisfy their curiosity about film and film production.

Equipment/Facilities Use: Please note that equipment and facilities use outside of class time will not be provided.

For more information, visit

Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of finance, progress to a more advanced level, earn a professional designation, or develop expertise in specialized business applications, the following finance courses, along with the courses listed under accounting, will meet your needs. For more information, visit
These courses address issues of hunger, malnutrition, distribution of food, and environmental sustainability. For more information, visit
These courses cover French language, literature, and culture. For French language courses (CFRE), all students must take the French Placement Test on the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website or attend one of our interview/placement assessment sessions.

French Studies courses (CFRS) are taught in English and cover French literary and cultural topics. For more information, visit

These courses provide a sound understanding of the role that fundraising can play in the charitable and voluntary sector. Interested students are encouraged to email Cathy Mann, Academic Coordinator. For more information, visit
International professionals often come to Canada with a breadth and depth of experience and credentials that simply aren’t recognized here. The Chang School's Gateway for International Professionals offers programming in several areas that accurately assesses your skills and provides you with the education and experience needed to succeed in the Canadian workplace at levels that correspond with your qualifications. For more information, visit
The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers a wide range of courses on demographic analysis, digital geography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their various applications. These courses give a broad perspective on human/environment interactions in different contexts. For more information, visit
These interdisciplinary courses cover topics concerned with aging and the promotion of quality of life for older adults. For more information, visit
Graphic Communications is one of the most vigorous and exciting industries in Canada today. The preparation of layouts, designs, files, proofs, and finished jobs in the printing industry require the use of advanced hardware, software, and technology. Knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field are rewarded with challenging opportunities. Students may enroll directly into entry-level courses. No interview or portfolio is required. For more information, visit
Health Services Management is a unique part-time program, the first of its kind in Canada. It is designed to meet the needs of present and aspiring managers in health service organizations. In keeping with Ryerson’s tradition of professionally relevant education, the program has been designed in close consultation with leading practitioners, employers, and professional associations. It provides education in management theory and practice which builds on previous professional education and experience. Individual courses in the Health Services Management part-time degree completion program are available to all Chang School students who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the health services management area. Courses examine the Canadian health system and the manager’s role in the health services organization. For more details about the part-time degree program, visit For more information, visit
Are you interested in learning a phonetic language? Do you want to learn about Indian culture? Are you travelling to India, Pakistan, or Nepal? Do you have Indian friends, relatives, or business contacts? If you want to learn Hindi for any of these purposes, our non-credit courses are for you. Students who have no or very little knowledge of Hindi may enroll directly into COHI 101.
The Department of History offers a wide selection of courses, ranging from general surveys in European, African, Canadian, and American history to courses that examine themes in subjects such as modern international relations and the history of science and technology. Students enrolled in degree programs are responsible for ensuring that any course selected from those listed meets the specific requirements of their program.
If you are already active in the hospitality and tourism industry, the courses listed offer an ideal opportunity to upgrade your skills. If you are planning to pursue a career in hotel, resort, or restaurant management, they provide an excellent base for your professional development.
These courses give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in human resources management. With their intensive focus on contemporary issues and management techniques, they can help you upgrade your professional qualifications or prepare you to pursue accreditation in this challenging and rewarding field. For information about the Certificate in Human Resources Management, visit For information about the Certificate in Leadership in Organizations, visit
Infrastructure asset management is a field in high demand, as much of our infrastructure is in need of renewal. Good infrastructure asset managers are required to achieve sustainable outcomes by applying holistic, systematic, and risk-based analyses and processes to decisions concerning an organization's or government's physical assets, including fixed plant and mobile equipment along with infrastructure. For more information, visit
In the professional world of community services, no discipline or profession operates in isolation. The following courses, many of which are available by distance education, will develop your understanding of issues faced in the field from an interdisciplinary perspective. They will provide the knowledge and skills you need to work effectively across professional and disciplinary boundaries. For more information, visit
Professional interior designers make the most of the places where we live, work, and play. Using colour, space allocation, acoustics, illumination, patterns, and textures, they create beauty and functionality. Their services are needed in every imaginable interior setting – from corporate offices and shopping centres to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and residences. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating field, then these courses may be for you.
We offer courses in Journalism, Magazine and Web Publishing, and Publishing to meet the needs of today's students and professionals. Whether you are taking courses for personal interest or professional development, we are sure to have something for you. For more information, visit For information about the Certificate in News Studies, visit
Landscape Design combines the fields of art, science, and humanities. The certificate program offers an excellent education in the fundamental components that comprise the field of landscape design. Through course offerings, you will learn how to analyze, plan, design, manage, and sustain the built and natural environment. For more information, visit
The following courses span a range of legal issues. Some investigate general legal principles, theories, and procedures; others, the laws that govern various industries and activities within those industries; and some, the law as it concerns consumer rights and protection, management and labour, or safety in the workplace. These courses are of value to professionals in any field who wish to understand the legal environment in which Canadian business is conducted.
These multidisciplinary courses are designed to provide you with the broad knowledge base and wide range of skills required as professionals in the lighting industry. For more information, visit
Magazine and Web Publishing courses are designed for individuals who are planning a career in the web publishing or magazine industry, working at a magazine or website and looking to sharpen the skills they use in the job and/or broaden their knowledge of the other disciplines within their company, or thinking of starting up their own magazine or website. For more information, including instructor biographies, visit
These courses and workshops introduce you to business basics: how companies are created, organized, and run to achieve their objectives. They will give you an excellent foundation, whether you plan to launch your own enterprise or simply want to understand the dynamics of a successful operation. Please note that many Ryerson courses have a management focus; consult the other listings in this calendar for specific areas of business expertise and specialization.
There is scarcely any field of professional activity that does not require the expertise of a skilled and knowledgeable marketing specialist. The following courses can help you develop broad-based or industry-specific marketing skills, either to upgrade your present qualifications or as preparation for a new career. For more information, visit
The mathematics courses outlined here will introduce you to new concepts and problem-solving skills that are relevant to a variety of personal and professional interests.
Mining is an incredibly diverse sector, with more than 120 occupations ranging from skilled trades to high-tech professionals, including managers, financial analysts, environmental coordinators, and community developers. There is an urgent need in the mining industry for employees who have practical as well as theoretical skills such as project management, and who understand and have been exposed to real-world cases and simulations. This program will prepare students to work in a global environment and use cross-disciplinary skills to span the disconnects between science and business and community development and business. For more information, visit
The following series of courses provides instruction that is relevant to new media production in business, in the communications industry, in architecture and interior design, and in education and the arts. Courses explore production concepts and the creative possibilities of composition, computer imaging, and many other aspects of new media.

Equipment/Facilities Use: Please note that equipment and facilities use outside of class time will not be provided.

The Chang School has created these distinctive, interdisciplinary program offerings in response to the demand for education that focuses on the specialized needs of the sector. For more information, visit
The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, in co-operation with the Ryerson School of Nursing, has been highly responsive to the needs identified by nurses for high-quality, accessible, degree-level educational opportunities. Credit courses are offered in three categories:

(a) degree-credit professional courses selected from the BScN program,

(b) prerequisite and professionally related elective arts courses, and

(c) specialized credit electives in the Certificate in Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management.

Nursing website: more information and resources are available online, including room numbers, regional access centre locations, course outlines, information on the 19- and 30-month part-time degree in Nursing, and the Nursing Academic Planner.

Please note that all nursing courses involve computer use. Students require access to a computer with Microsoft Windows (Windows 2003 minimum) and Internet Explorer.

These courses explore occupational health and safety. For more information, visit
In Philosophy, we cover both the ‘Big Questions,’ such as “What can we know?” or “How should we live?” or “Does God exist?,” as well as subject-oriented areas, such as philosophy of religion or ethics and health care. Sometimes, we deal with questions that have been discussed for thousands of years. Each generation has to answer them again, either expressly or by the implications of the choices they make and the beliefs they adopt. At other times, we deal with questions arising from the social arrangements and technologies we face right now - situations which may never have existed before. What unites these inquiries is the ‘philosophical turn;’ we learn how to uncover, evaluate, and use the most basic principles appropriate to the questions we tackle.

In Music, we offer a range of courses in the traditions, development, variety, and cultural implications of various kinds of music.

As photography continues to hold its own as a leading medium of communication, opportunities for skilled photographers have never been greater; at the same time, more and more people are discovering the creative rewards that photography offers to the hobbyist. Whatever your level of interest, you’ll find many exciting and novel opportunities to cultivate your artistry and technical skills in the following courses and workshops.

Equipment/Facilities Use: Please note that use of equipment and facilities outside of class time will not be provided. Extra time may be purchased.

For more information, including instructor biographies, visit
These introductory courses in physics have applications across a wide variety of professional fields. A basic understanding of the principles of physics is an important step in your understanding of science.
The Department of Politics and Public Administration offers a full-time undergraduate program in Politics and Governance and a part-time undergraduate program in Public Administration and Governance, the latter of which consists of a certificate, advanced certificate, and a degree. This program is specifically designed for people working in the public and para-public sectors, non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups. These courses may also be of interest to those aspiring to careers in the broader public service, private-sector employees in regular contact with the government, and those interested in gaining knowledge about public administration and public policy in Canada.
These courses cover the distinct body of knowledge, skills, and strategies relevant to managing multiple projects and programs. For more information, visit
Programs for 50+ at The Chang School offers unique non-credit programs to stimulate your personal enrichment, self-actualization, and a continuing connection to society in a community of like-minded people. Expand your learning, redefine your retirement, and be engaged as an older adult learner.

Continue your education through a wide variety of courses and workshops for older adults, including off-campus programming. Choose from classes in dramatic arts, liberal arts, media arts, music arts, and Caring Clown, as well as workshop opportunities that explore the challenges of the mature worker in today's workforce.

Join us at our annual 50+ Festival or year-round 50+ Festival Series offering a variety of thought-provoking and entertaining events including workshops and lectures, as well as cultural presentations (e.g., film, theatre, music).

Get involved in a variety of community engagement opportunities for older adults.

Visit for more information.

These courses in project management provide you with an opportunity to acquire a level of knowledge and expertise that will permit you to contribute effectively to the management and the control of costs within any project environment. For more information, visit
Psychology courses address questions about the nature of human behaviour: how and why we act, think, feel, and reason, and how these questions are investigated through research.
This program provides a curriculum that is relevant to the current and emerging practice of public relations in order to equip students with the skills necessary to perform. For more information, visit
Learn how to turn a manuscript into a book, a report, or other document. Editing, design, production, sales and marketing, new digital workflows – master all the skills involved in this complicated process through our Publishing courses and certificate program. For more information, visit
The School of Radio and Television Arts is housed in the Rogers Communications Centre, a multimillion-dollar facility dedicated to the study of communications and electronic media. If you're driven to be part of the multifaceted communication industry, this is the place to get started. For more information, visit
Far-reaching trends in everything from technology to philosophy have transformed the retail industry. Today you must keep a watchful eye on global advancements while you master electronic communications and devise strategies to keep one step ahead of the competition. Ryerson, the only university in Ontario to offer a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Retail Management, can prepare you. Our Retail Management program was designed with the input of industry leaders and blends the most modern aspects of retail with the traditional components. For more information, visit
These components – mobile, miniature, or standard – are utlized in different types of applications, including telecommunications, power distribution, electrical and electronic products, transport, and factory, medical, or commercial automation systems. Embedded systems are present in a wide range of manufactured products and system components. The infusion of this technology is expected to grow at a phenomenal pace and has increased the demand for professionals who are technologists with simultaneous expertise in both software and hardware. For more information, visit
These interdisciplinary courses are offered by various departments in the Faculty of Arts and provide a good foundation for pursuing academic study, particularly programs in the humanities and social sciences. Topics include learning and development strategies, critical thinking, academic writing, research design, and qualitative methods.
Your awareness of human diversity gives you insight – it's what motivates you in your fight to help solve social problems. If you want to work for social change in an urban environment, these courses are for you.
Courses offered in Sociology are designed to encourage the critical examination of today’s complex society and to broaden individuals’ understanding of the world in which they live.
These courses cover Spanish language and literatures and cultures in Spanish-speaking countries. CSPN 101 to CSPN 601 are language courses designed for non-native speakers. For Spanish language courses (CSPN), all students must take the Spanish Placement Test on the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website or attend one of our interview/placement assessment sessions.

Spanish Studies courses (CSPS) are taught in English and cover Spanish and Latin American literary and cultural topics. For more information, visit

Spanning the Gaps programs are aimed at giving both high school students and adults an accessible pathway to post-secondary education. For more information, visit
Sustainability is regarded as a global issue that will impact society and the world we live in. These courses provide you with an opportunity to acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge of sustainability-related issues. For more information, visit
Courses offered cover topics including business skills for the creative cultural sector, as well as make-up skills and techniques for theatre, film, and photography. Courses have been developed and will be taught by experienced professionals. For more information, visit and
Courses in Urban Planning are designed to prepare students with substantive knowledge about cities and regions, and with thinking and problem-solving skills for those who contribute as leaders in the community and the profession of urban and regional planning.
You can be the writer you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Let our group of talented instructors help unlock and develop your talents in short fiction, novel, poetry, or dramatic writing. Explore specialized genres. Tell your own life story. Enhance your business writing skills. For more information, including instructor biographies, visit