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New Director of the Ryerson ESL Foundation Program Appointed

Congratulations to Professor Gerd Hauck, newly appointed Director of the Ryerson ESL Foundation Program (RESLFP). An avid leader in the Higher Education sector, Gerd has held senior positions at a number of Canadian universities, including the University of Toronto, Waterloo, and Ryerson. After a successful five-year term as Dean of the Faculty of Communication & Design at Ryerson University, some of Gerd’s most notable accomplishments include developing an innovative curriculum and advancing the research profile and operation of all nine schools within the faculty.

In his new role as director, Gerd will work closely with Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, to provide leadership in Ryerson’s internationalization and recruitment strategy and to oversee the development of an ESL Institute at Ryerson. With a very exciting and challenging chapter ahead, the RESLFP will continue to uphold Ryerson’s vision of becoming Canada’s leading comprehensive innovation university.


New Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management

Join a growing field of privacy professionals who are in high demand in the government, private, and nonprofit sectors. Jobs for privacy practitioners are focused in information management, privacy protection, and information security.

Our new Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management provides students with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the complex and unpredictable landscape of privacy and access created by rapid technological innovation.

Courses begin September 12. Enrol today!


June 20: Open Enrolment for Fall 2016

Open enrolment for all students for the Fall 2016 term opens June 20 and continues, space permitting, until prior to the second scheduled class begins for courses in Business and Languages (including ESL/EAL); until September 22 for Distance: Internet full-term classes; until the first day of week-long intensive courses; and until prior to the third scheduled class begins for all other courses. Early enrolment is advised.


Free Tutoring in Accounting, Finance, Statistics, and Marketing

Take advantage of free tutoring this spring and summer. Tutoring is available through the Ted Rogers School of Management Student Services for the following courses:

CACC 100, 110, 406, 410, 414

CFIN 300, 401

CMKT 100, 300

CQMS 102, 202

Visit Student Services (TRS 2-168) to register Monday–Thursday between 4:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m. from now until August 14. Go to TRSM Student Services for more information.


New! Experiential Learning Exchange (ELX)

Ready to target your education for career advancement? The Chang School’s Experiential Learning Exchange (ELX) is a flexible model that emphasizes hands-on, project-based activities and connects you with coaches, expert advisors, and peers. Customize your learning experience through coaching-based modules, in-depth master classes, and opportunities for networking and mentoring.

Whether you’re at the start of your career or well advanced towards your career goals, the ELX is an efficient way to enhance core competencies and get practical experience solving real-world challenges so you can move to the next level. Get started:


The Chang School Offers Open Admission

The Chang School provides access to university-level and degree-credit courses for all adult learners, regardless of previous experience. Enrolment for most degree-credit courses is on an open admissions basis, providing convenient access to university classes no matter where you live or work – without any formal entrance requirements.

The Chang School extends Ryerson University’s academic resources to adults interested in building their careers, advancing their careers, changing careers, taking courses for professional development or general interest, or applying to a degree program.

If you plan to transfer credits back to your home institution, use your credits to gain entry to a Ryerson degree program (subject to space availability and competition), or if you require more information, please contact us or come to one of our Open House sessions.