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1.Certificate: Music: Global and Cultural Contexts [ ■■■■■ ]
The Certificate in Music: Global and Cultural Contexts explores musical creation in all of its rich diversity. Students will learn about the complexities of music from around the..
2.Professional Association: Royal Conservatory of Music [ ■■■■■ ]
The Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) is a unique program offered by The Royal Conservatory of Music in partnership with The G. Raymond Chang School..
3.CMUS 101 - Intro to World and Early European Music [ ■■■■■ ]
This course provides basic knowledge and understanding of music in culture, with emphasis on listening skills and repertoire. Brief survey of world music and the Medieval, Renaissance..
4.CRTA 180 - Music and Film [ ■■■■■ ]
The use of music with film has evolved from early stereotyped borrowing of nineteenth century classical European repertoire to newly created scores that enhance and support the..
5.CMUS 211 - Music Cultures of the City [ ■■■■■ ]
Large urban centres such as Toronto offer a tremendous variety of events, from superstars in the Rogers Centre to amateur folk musicians in local coffee houses. What are the ways..
6.CMUS 401 - Music, Religion and Spirituality [ ■■■■■ ]
This course explores the dynamic interrelationship of music, religion and spirituality in a multicultural context. Topics will include the role, style, and conception of music..
7.CRTA 530 - Chinese Music [ ■■■■■ ]
This course explores a variety of Chinese musical genres including folk, classical, contemporary hybrid and popular forms. Topics may include: the philosophical roots of music..
8.CMUS 501 - Traditional Musics of the World [ ■■■■■ ]
This course examines musical cultures around the world, focusing on traditional genres. Course content covers conceptual, structural, rhythmic and modal systems. The functions..
9.CMUS 106 - The Architecture of Music [ ■■■■■ ]
From the Pythagorean monochord that ancient Greeks used to align with the Music of the Spheres to the Chinese bamboo pipes that sounded the first Chinese pentatonic scale, each..
10.CMUS 505 - Popular Music and Culture [ ■■■■■ ]
This course explores the development of North American, British and non-western popular music. Lectures investigate key historical periods and genres which define the popular idiom..
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