Ryerson Online Identity

D2L Brightspace is the online course-delivery system we use to provide our online distance education courses as well as supplement some classroom courses. You will need to activate your Ryerson Online Identity before logging in to my.ryerson.ca. Through my.ryerson.ca you can access D2L Brightspace, the online course-delivery system, and RAMSS, Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service.

What You Will Need

To activate your Ryerson Online Identity (my.ryerson.ca account, Ryerson email account, matrix account), you will need your Ryerson University student identification (ID) number and date of birth.

Your Student ID Number

  • If you enrolled in person, your copy of the enrollment form should include your student ID number.
  • If you enrolled by mail, your enrollment confirmation letter will include your student ID number.
  • If you do not know your student ID number and do not have access to any of these documents, please contact The Chang School.

How to Activate Your Ryerson Online Identity

To activate your Ryerson Online Identity, go to www.ryerson.ca/accounts and follow the on-screen instructions. During the activation process, you will be given your username and password.

You’ll use the same username and password to access my.ryerson.ca (D2L Brightspace and RAMSS) as well as your Ryerson email account.

After activating your Ryerson Online Identity, it usually takes only one business day for you to be able to login at my.ryerson.ca.