Programs for 50+

Are you an older adult who wants to learn more? Whether it’s for personal interest, to build new skills, to make new social connections, or to remain active and engaged in your retirement, you may find what you’re looking for through Programs for 50+.

Programs for 50+ at Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education offers unique non-credit programs to stimulate your personal enrichment, self-actualization, and a continuing connection to society in a community of like-minded people. Expand your learning, redefine your retirement, and be engaged as an older adult learner.

Courses and Workshops

Continue your education through a wide variety of courses and workshops for older adults, including off-campus programming. Choose from classes in dramatic arts, liberal arts, media arts, and Caring Clown.


The tuition waiver program for seniors at Ryerson University has been phased out as of 2013. Seniors are required to pay the published Ryerson University course fee(s) and all fees must be paid in full at time of enrolment. Full information about paying course fees is available online.

50+ Festival

Join us at our annual 50+ Festival or year-round 50+ Festival Series offering a variety of thought-provoking and entertaining events including workshops and lectures, as well as cultural presentations (e.g., film, theatre, music).

Community Engagement Opportunities

Get involved in a variety of community projects and partnership programs.

Stay Connected

For further information on Programs for 50+, consult our latest news or contact us.