Our Students

One of the main objectives of those considering gerontology as a field of study is to secure employment that is challenging and relevant. Given Ryerson’s commitment to providing career-oriented education, it is imperative that the program provides its students with marketable, employment-relevant competencies and skills.

Our current Certificate in Aging and Gerontology generally draws students from allied health profession and social work, counseling, sociology, biology, and psychology undergraduate majors. However, many of our students have job positions such as:

  • educational administrators designing programs to meet the needs and interests of older students
  • public administrators developing policies
  • accountants and financial planners
  • retirement housing managers and personnel
  • architects, interior designers, and product designers focusing on design principles that show comprehension of the aging process
  • recreational consultants, health or athletic trainers focused on adult wellness and programs to meet the needs of the elderly
  • dietitians, nutritionists, and caterers specializing in the needs of the ageing population
  • human resources or job placement consultants working with older adults
  • advertisers and marketers needing to evaluate the spending and entertainment trends of the older population
  • leisure and travel specialists wanting to offer specialized options geared to the needs and interests of the older population