Mining Management

Fall 2016 Courses

If you are currently registered in the Certificate in Mining Management, or if you would like to take individual courses in this subject area, we have an exciting course available this Fall 2016 term, starting September 13, 2016!

CZMM 411 - Exploration and Development Operations

The Certificate in Mining Management will not be accepting new registrations. The certificate has been discontinued effective Fall 2015. Students formally registered in the certificate prior to July 2, 2015, must complete the program requirements in effect at the time they registered. Mining Management (CZMM) courses will be phased out over the next few terms; see the tentative schedule below.

The tentative schedule for Fall 2015 to Winter 2017 is below. Please note that the prerequisites may be waived for two courses: Exploration and Development Operations (CZMM 411) and Mining in the Global Environment (CZMM 430). If you wish to take CZMM 411 and CZMM 430 out of sequence or as stand-alone courses, please email program coordinator Melissa Johnson for permission to enrol, at

Please note that you do not have to be registered in the certificate to take individual courses. For Exploration and Development Operations (CZMM 411) offered in the Fall term, please contact Melissa Johnson for permission to register at Resource Valuation, Financing, and Investor Relations (CZMM 420) does not require permission to register, but it is strongly recommended that you have a degree and some finance background.

For further information, please contact the Business area at 416.979.5000, ext. 5183.

Resource Valuation, Financing, and Investor Relations (CZMM 420)   * See admission guidelines
CSR, Sustainability, and Mining (CZMM 403) *   See admission guidelines
Exploration and Development Operations (CZMM 411)  *  CZMM 403 and 420 or permission of the academic coordinator
Mining Management Accounting (CZMM 422)     CZMM 403 and 420
Risk Management and the Mining Sector (CZMM 421) *   CZMM 403 and 420
Mining in the Global Environment (CZMM 430) *   *
if needed
 CZMM 403 and 420 or permission of the academic coordinator
Capstone Course – Corporate Strategy in the Mining Sector (CZMM 500) * * * * *CZMM 403 and 420 and three electives

Please check the online calendar for schedule details and updates.