Festival Series

50+ Festival Series

Join us for year-round programming presented by Programs for 50+. The 50+ Festival Series includes a variety of topical workshops and lectures by guest speakers, as well as cultural presentations (e.g., film, theatre, music). These thought-provoking and entertaining events build on the momentum of our annual 50+ Festival.

Note: These events are not restricted to older adults.

50+ Festival Series Programming

Music and the Brain: An Interactive Lecture

Music is an essential part of human existence, and experiencing it seems to tap into something universal. Under the surface, music causes neurons to fire in many diverse regions of the brain. How do pitch changes, rhythmic patterns, and other auditory stimuli evoke complex perceptual and emotional changes? What is going on in our brains when we get chills listening to a favourite piece, or sing in unison with other people?

In this lecture, musician and neuroscientist Ella Dubinsky will explain some of the marvelous mechanisms through which music affects and alters the brain. Together with musical demonstrations and accompaniment by Sina Fallah, this lecture will integrate live performances of harmony, group singing, and other musical phenomena, while delving into the neuroscientific bases for these experiences.

TBA; stay tuned for more details!

Ryerson University