Our Students

The Certificate in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics is intended for individuals who:

  • wish to become, or already are, professionals who use data analytics, big data, and predictive analytics to optimize performance at a variety of levels in a wide range of sectors: private enterprise, government, non-profit industries, and high technology sectors;
  • are employed in a related field such as data warehousing, data management, or IT and need to acquire the necessary credentials for career promotion or other professional enrichment, including competencies crucial to big data analytics;
  • desire to fill positions such as:
    • Web Analytics specialist
    • Data Analyst (in various industry domains)
    • Data Analytics Project Lead
    • Data Science Specialist
    • Data Warehouse Specialist
    • Statistical Modeling Analyst
    • Data Analytics Modeling Analyst
    • Predictive Analytics Modeling Analyst

Individuals who complete the Certificate in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics will have gained an in-depth knowledge of, and capacity in, using a variety of databases and data sets to analyze and understand data and predict future eventualities, trends and patterns, as well as be proficient in laying the groundwork, strategies and implementation of decision management in order to substantiate future initiatives that lead to innovation, high performance and sustainable outcomes for success.