Our eLearning Initiatives

Online and Blended Learning Initiatives

The Chang School is known nationally and internationally for delivering high-quality online learning and forging partnerships in various sectors including education, business, and government.

Bombay Stock Exchange

Addressing emerging global business and social challenges

The Chang School is working with BSE Ltd. to design a train-the-trainer program for effective delivery of a hybrid curriculum on intercultural communication skills for the workplace.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

Helping Canadians make better financial decisions

By deploying its expert resources in multimedia production and design, The Chang School, in partnership with the FCAC, launched a series of free e-learning modules to help Canadians boost their financial knowledge and plan for their future financial security.

FCAC e-Learning videos

Council of International Schools (CIS)

The Chang School collaborated with CIS to develop interactive hybrid learning modules on evidence-based report writing for CIS assessors to support them during the process of accreditation. The Chang School also designed an orientation module for CIS facilitators on effective facilitation of online and hybrid learning.

Law Practice Program (LPP)

Preparing law graduates to be career-ready

This unique alternative to traditional articling was established by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) and Ryerson University to provide new options and flexibility to meet the legal profession’s licensing requirements for law graduates in Ontario. The program, designed with the support of The Chang School, features interactive web-based collaboration tasks that replicate the experience of working in a law firm. This virtual firm activity is combined with expert guidance and mentorship to equip candidates with the skills and competencies required for effective practice.

Law Practice Program (LPP) promo video

Pearson Canada Inc.

Helping people make more of their lives through learning

The Chang School is working with Pearson Canada Inc. to design, develop, and deliver a customized, interactive training program on the essentials of instructional design.

The University of the West Indies

Increasing training capacity for nurses in the Caribbean

This partnership with the University of the West Indies provided students in 12 Caribbean countries with access to a high-quality online BScN program.

Learning Objects for Nurses


For more information, please contact Naza Djafarova, Director of Digital Education Strategies.

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