New Programs Launching in Fall 2016

The following programs will be launched by The Chang School for the 2016–2017 academic year. View a list of new courses and workshops to be launched.


Certificate in Preparation for Practice in Canada for Internationally Educated Professionals in Nutrition

This certificate provides internationally educated professionals in nutrition (IEPNs) with a Canadian university certificate to supplement their international credentials, enabling enhanced opportunities for employment. Designed to assist IEPNs to be academically prepared for practice-based training, a required component to become a Registered Dietitian (RD), this certificate will also help graduates demonstrate entry level academic competencies in dietetics, as defined by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice’s (PDEP’s) Integrated Competencies in Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP).

Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management

This certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the complex and unpredictable landscape of privacy and access created by rapid technological innovation. There is an urgent demand for privacy professionals who understand the Privacy by Design approach and have skills in these key areas: privacy governance and policy, information technology, and 21st century skills such as creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.


Course Series in Introductory Accounting

This course series provides students interested in developing accounting skills with essential introductory accounting knowledge.

Course Series in Applied Analytics and Statistics for 21st Century Decision-Making

This course series offers a focused grounding in 21st century applied statistical and analytical skills for those interested in a professional career in business, industry, government, or research.

Course Series in Architectural Technologists Professional Career Foundations

This course series offers the solid foundational educational requirements and skills sets necessary to commence preparation toward accreditation as an architectural technologist. It is intended for those aspiring to be architectural technologist professionals.

Course Series in Computer Programming for Game Developers

This course series teaches 3-D Unity and Autodesk's Maya using a project-centered approach to equip students with the programming and scripting skills set to develop, on server-based and mobile devices, a range of commercial and serious games such as video games, learning games, "training interactive", and augmented reality simulations and applications.

Course Series in Introduction to Health Data Analytics

This course series is designed for students who want to fill gaps in their professional health background to achieve greater professional development and/or transition careers into the health field.

Course Series in Leading and Planning for Patient Experience

This course series is designed for health care practitioners who are committed to advancing patient experience in their organizational setting and who want to practice and acquire a range of skills related to the health care system, patient experience, project management, and conflict resolution.

Course Series in Marketing Innovation

This program is for students interested in the development and marketing of new products and services. Canada's competitiveness in the world depends on the ability to innovate and there are specialized skills required to bring a new product or service to market.

Course Series in Marketing Research

This course series provides learners with various techniques to measure marketing performance in organizations. Students will learn how to effectively prepare, analyze, and interpret large databases and use both qualitative and quantitative tools to make strategic and sound marketing decisions.

Course Series in Patient Safety and Nursing Informatics

This course series blends the concepts of nursing informatics as a specialty nursing practice and its impact on promoting safe patient care within the context of clinical information and technology.

Course Series in Introduction to Privacy, Access, and Information Management

This course series equips learners from all sectors with the foundational knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of privacy and access in our current data-driven economy.

Course Series in Social Media Marketing

This course series is for students who want to learn more about how marketers can incorporate social media into their marketing plans and measure its impact; it integrates marketing metrics, marketing communications, and consumer behaviour.

Course Series in Sports Marketing

This course series will equip students with the metrics and analytical tools needed to effectively analyze the sport market. Topics covered will include national and/or international sports sponsorship, branding, promotional events, media distribution, and financial management.