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Business, Management, Economics, and Urban Planning

The skills of business and management can help you fast-track your career no matter what industry you’re in. The Chang School’s career-focused programs will give you and your employer the competitive edge, whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out.


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Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of accounting, progress to a more advanced level, earn a professional designation, or develop expertise in specialized business applications, the following accounting courses, along with the courses listed under Finance and Financial Planning, will meet your needs.

Business Analysis

These courses will help you develop the expertise to make effective use of the vast amount of data available in business today.

Business Technology Management

The explosion of information technology has transformed the way business is done in today’s world. It has also created a need for a new type of management professional - the information management specialist. The courses offered here will give you the foundation of knowledge and technical tools to manage your information resources effectively. For more information, visit

Information Technology Management
A material fee of $0.50 is included in the total fee indicated for all CITM courses.

CITM 100 — Foundations of Information Systems
CITM 102 — Business Information Systems I
CITM 107 — Managerial Decision Making
CITM 200 — Fundamentals of Programming
CITM 207 — Computer-Enabled Problem Solving
CITM 301 — IT Infrastructure
CITM 305 — Systems Analysis and Design
CITM 315 — Server Administration
CITM 330 — Supply Chain Process Architecture
CITM 350 — Concepts of e-Business
CITM 360 — Establishing an eBusiness Operation
CITM 410 — Business Process Design
CITM 430 — System Design and Implementation
CITM 445 — Multimedia in Business
CITM 500 — Data and Information Management
CITM 501 — Decision Analysis
CITM 513 — Adv Infrastructure Deployment and Management
CITM 595 — Auditing of Information Systems
CITM 600 — Data Communications Network Design
CITM 601 — Advanced Business Process Methods
CITM 605 — Client Server Applications
CITM 610 — Database Administration
CITM 612 — Knowledge Management/Learning Technologies
CITM 617 — Physical Dbase Design and Implementation
CITM 618 — Business Intelligence and Analytics
CITM 696 — Accounting Information Systems
CITM 700 — Information Technology and Strategic Management
CITM 706 — Enterprise Architecture
CITM 707 — Strategy, Management and Acquisition
CITM 711 — Cloud Computing
CITM 750 — IS Project Management
CITM 800 — Applied Feasibility Analysis
CITM 820 — Information Systems Security and Privacy
CITM 90A/B — Graduation Project
CZIT 427 — Data and Info. Mgmt for Privacy


These courses can help you develop a high level of skill in written and oral communications and are especially relevant to business and government environments. They focus on building and integrating writing, analytical, and research skills so that your business presentations make your point and achieve your purpose. For more information, visit

Design Management

With an appreciation of design and business fundamentals, design managers create and maintain collaborative relationships among designers, clients, and administrators. Their contribution is an essential factor in the success of their organizations.

Disaster Emergency Management

This program is designed for existing and aspiring disaster management and emergency services professionals and first responders who wish to upgrade their education, pursue career opportunities, or perform volunteer work. Courses provide broad knowledge, case studies, and hands-on application within the local, provincial, federal, and international sectors of disaster and emergency response.

Important Note: Students registered in the Disaster and Emergency Management certificate should be aware that many of the Required Courses are listed under the Science subject area.


These courses offer you the opportunity to become competent in economic analysis and the application of economics to national and international problems.


CECN 104 — Introductory Microeconomics
CECN 110 — The Economy and Society
CECN 129 — Statistics for Economics I
CECN 189 — Introduction to Mathematics for Economics
CECN 204 — Introductory Macroeconomics
CECN 205 — Economics of War, Revolution, and Empire
CECN 210 — Understanding Economics
CECN 220 — Evolution of the Global Economy
CECN 230 — Mathematics for Economics
CECN 301 — Intermediate Macroeconomics I
CECN 320 — Introduction to Financial Economics
CECN 321 — Introduction to Law and Economics
CECN 329 — Statistics for Economics II
CECN 340 — The Economics of Human Behaviour
CECN 440 — Booms, Busts, Panics and Manias
CECN 501 — Industrial Organization
CECN 502 — Economics of Energy and Natural Resources
CECN 503 — Economic Development
CECN 504 — Intermediate Microeconomics I
CECN 505 — Issues in Canadian Labour Markets
CECN 506 — Money and Banking
CECN 507 — Economic Justice
CECN 509 — Development of the Canadian Banking and Financial System
CECN 510 — Environmental Economics
CECN 511 — Economy and Environment
CECN 512 — The Economics of Sex
CECN 600 — Intermediate Macroeconomics II
CECN 601 — The Economics of Information
CECN 603 — Canada and Global Economic Issues
CECN 605 — Labour Economics
CECN 606 — International Monetary Economics
CECN 607 — Issues in the International Economy
CECN 614 — An Introduction to Game Theory
CECN 627 — Econometrics I
CECN 640 — The Economics of Immigration
CECN 700 — Intermediate Microeconomics II
CECN 702 — Econometrics II
CECN 703 — Public Sector Economics
CECN 707 — Economics of International Trade I
CECN 710 — Transportation Economics
CECN 715 — Advanced Microeconomics
CECN 721 — International Financial Markets
CECN 722 — The Economics of Sports
CECN 801 — Principles of Engineering Economics
CECN 802 — The Economies of East Asia
CECN 803 — Canadian Tax Policy
CECN 808 — Economic Growth and Technological Change
CECN 815 — Advanced Macroeconomics
CECN 821 — Country Risk Analysis

Facility and Property Management

The facility and property manager is responsible for the integration of the workplace with the people and work of the organization. This program will provide knowledge and analytical skills for those who are being prepared by an organization to assume a role in facility and property management, those who are newly appointed to a facility or property management department, and those who wish to upgrade their credentials within the facility or property management department or to implement a career change. For more information, visit

Finance and Financial Planning

Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of finance, progress to a more advanced level, earn a professional designation, or develop expertise in specialized business applications, the following finance courses, along with the courses listed under accounting, will meet your needs. For more information, visit

Fundraising Management

These courses provide a sound understanding of the role that fundraising can play in the charitable and voluntary sector. Interested students are encouraged to email Krishan Mehta, Academic Coordinator. For more information, visit

Health Services Management

Health Services Management is a unique part-time program, the first of its kind in Canada. It is designed to meet the needs of present and aspiring managers in health service organizations. In keeping with Ryerson’s tradition of professionally relevant education, the program has been designed in close consultation with leading practitioners, employers, and professional associations. It provides education in management theory and practice which builds on previous professional education and experience. Individual courses in the Health Services Management part-time degree completion program are available to all Chang School students who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the health services management area. Courses examine the Canadian health system and the manager’s role in the health services organization. For more details about the part-time degree program, visit For more information, visit


If you are already active in the hospitality and tourism industry, the courses listed offer an ideal opportunity to upgrade your skills. If you are planning to pursue a career in hotel, resort, or restaurant management, they provide an excellent base for your professional development.

Human Resources

These courses give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in human resources management. With their intensive focus on contemporary issues and management techniques, they can help you upgrade your professional qualifications or prepare you to pursue accreditation in this challenging and rewarding field. For information about the Certificate in Human Resources Management, visit For information about the Certificate in Leadership in Organizations, visit


These courses and workshops introduce you to business basics: how companies are created, organized, and run to achieve their objectives. They will give you an excellent foundation, whether you plan to launch your own enterprise or simply want to understand the dynamics of a successful operation. Please note that many Ryerson courses have a management focus; consult the other listings in this calendar for specific areas of business expertise and specialization.

Entrepreneurship and Strategy
CENT course fees include a $2.20 fee for materials.

CENT 500 — New Venture Startup
CENT 501 — Family Business in Canada
CENT 505 — Small-Business Management
CENT 526 — Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
CENT 601 — Identifying Opportunities
CZEN 420 — The Business of Cannabis

Global Management Studies
All CGMS course fees include a $2.20 fee for materials.

CGMS 200 — Introduction to Global Management
CGMS 400 — The Global Business Environment
CGMS 401 — Operations Management
CGMS 402 — Introduction to Managerial Economics
CGMS 422 — Quality Management
CGMS 450 — Project Management
CGMS 502 — Management Control
CGMS 522 — International Marketing
CGMS 528 — Issues in Operations Management
CGMS 550 — Business-to-Business e-Commerce
CGMS 601 — International Economics
CGMS 690 — The North American Business Environment
CGMS 691 — The Asian Business Environment
CGMS 692 — The European Business Environment
CGMS 695 — The Middle Eastern Business Environment
CGMS 723 — International Trade
CGMS 724 — Management of International Enterprise
CGMS 802 — Ethics and Regulation of Int'l Bus
CGMS 803 — Principles of Transportation
CGMS 804 — Studies in Global Supply Chain Management
CGMS 805 — Manufacturing Management

International Business
All CIBS course fees include a $2.20 fee for materials.

CZIB 100 — Practicum in International Business


CZMN 200 — CSR Citizenship and Sustainability


There is scarcely any field of professional activity that does not require the expertise of a skilled and knowledgeable marketing specialist. The following courses can help you develop broad-based or industry-specific marketing skills, either to upgrade your present qualifications or as preparation for a new career. For more information, visit

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management

The Chang School has created these distinctive, interdisciplinary program offerings in response to the demand for education that focuses on the specialized needs of the sector. For more information, visit

Program and Portfolio Management

These courses cover the distinct body of knowledge, skills, and strategies relevant to managing multiple projects and programs.

Project Management

These courses in project management provide you with an opportunity to acquire a level of knowledge and expertise that will permit you to contribute effectively to the management and the control of costs within any project environment.

Important Note: Students registered in the Project Management certificate should be aware that the Introductory Required Course (CTEC 210) is listed under the Technology Studies subject area.

For more information, visit

Real Estate Management

Retail Management

Far-reaching trends in everything from technology to philosophy have transformed the retail industry. Today you must keep a watchful eye on global advancements while you master electronic communications and devise strategies to keep one step ahead of the competition. Ryerson, the only university in Ontario to offer a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Retail Management, can prepare you. Our Retail Management program was designed with the input of industry leaders and blends the most modern aspects of retail with the traditional components. For more information, visit

Sustainability Management

Sustainability is regarded as a global issue that will impact society and the world we live in. These courses provide you with an opportunity to acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge of sustainability-related issues. For more information, visit

Urban and Regional Planning

Courses in Urban Planning are designed to prepare students with substantive knowledge about cities and regions, and with thinking and problem-solving skills for those who contribute as leaders in the community and the profession of urban and regional planning.

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