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Whether you want to create the buildings where we live and work, add a dash of colour to billboards we pass on the street, nip and tuck the clothing we wear, or mould the packaging surrounding the products we buy, The Chang School can help you make an impact on the visual world.


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Creating environments that are beautiful and functional is a complex and exciting process. Whether you are interested in interior or exterior spaces, these courses can introduce you to the principles, practices, and skills that contribute to effective design.

Design Management

With an appreciation of design and business fundamentals, design managers create and maintain collaborative relationships among designers, clients, and administrators. Their contribution is an essential factor in the success of their organizations.


The following fashion courses offer you an eclectic mix of choices. Ranging from sewing and retail and merchandising issues to pattern drafting and fashion drawing, they are suited to both your professional and personal learning interests. For more information, visit

Graphic Communication

Graphic Communications is one of the most vigorous and exciting industries in Canada today. The preparation of layouts, designs, files, proofs, and finished jobs in the printing industry require the use of advanced hardware, software, and technology. Knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field are rewarded with challenging opportunities. Students may enroll directly into entry-level courses. No interview or portfolio is required. For more information, visit

Interior Design

Professional interior designers make the most of the places where we live, work, and play. Using colour, space allocation, acoustics, illumination, patterns, and textures, they create beauty and functionality. Their services are needed in every imaginable interior setting – from corporate offices and shopping centres to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and residences. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating field, then these courses may be for you.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design combines the fields of art, science, and humanities. The certificate program offers an excellent education in the fundamental components that comprise the field of landscape design. Through course offerings, you will learn how to analyze, plan, design, manage, and sustain the built and natural environment. For more information, visit

Program and Portfolio Management

These courses cover the distinct body of knowledge, skills, and strategies relevant to managing multiple projects and programs.

Project Management

These courses in project management provide you with an opportunity to acquire a level of knowledge and expertise that will permit you to contribute effectively to the management and the control of costs within any project environment.

Important Note: Students registered in the Project Management certificate should be aware that the Introductory Required Course (CTEC 210) is listed under the Technology Studies subject area.

For more information, visit

Robotics and Embedded Systems

These components – mobile, miniature, or standard – are utlized in different types of applications, including telecommunications, power distribution, electrical and electronic products, transport, and factory, medical, or commercial automation systems. Embedded systems are present in a wide range of manufactured products and system components. The infusion of this technology is expected to grow at a phenomenal pace and has increased the demand for professionals who are technologists with simultaneous expertise in both software and hardware.

Important Note: Students registered in the Robotics and Embedded Systems certificate should be aware that the introductory course (CSCI 130) is listed under the Science subject area.

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Sustainability Management

Sustainability is regarded as a global issue that will impact society and the world we live in. These courses provide you with an opportunity to acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge of sustainability-related issues. For more information, visit


Courses offered cover topics including business skills for the creative cultural sector, as well as make-up skills and techniques for theatre, film, and photography. Courses have been developed and will be taught by experienced professionals. For more information, visit and

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