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Law and Government

At the heart of our democracy, embedded in our constitution, is the phrase “peace, order, and good government.” We’ll help you understand the structures that keep our society running smoothly, and that equip us to balance individual rights against community needs.


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Criminal Justice and Criminology

Students will become familiar with the structural, administrative, political, and professional context of the criminal justice system and its related agencies, while also gaining an appreciation for the complex causes and consequences of crime in Canadian society.


The following courses span a range of legal issues. Some investigate general legal principles, theories, and procedures; others, the laws that govern various industries and activities within those industries; and some, the law as it concerns consumer rights and protection, management and labour, or safety in the workplace. These courses are of value to professionals in any field who wish to understand the legal environment in which Canadian business is conducted.

Politics and Public Administration

The Department of Politics and Public Administration offers a full-time undergraduate program in Politics and Governance and a part-time undergraduate program in Public Administration and Governance, the latter of which consists of a certificate, advanced certificate, and a degree. This program is specifically designed for people working in the public and para-public sectors, non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups. These courses may also be of interest to those aspiring to careers in the broader public service, private-sector employees in regular contact with the government, and those interested in gaining knowledge about public administration and public policy in Canada.

Politics and Public Administration

COPA 103 — Public Administration in Canada
CPOG 100 — People, Power and Politics
CPOG 110 — Power and Influence in Canadian Politics
CPOG 230 — Research and Statistics
CPOG 323 — The Politics of International Development
CPOG 417 — Canadian-American Relations
CPOG 424 — Human Rights and Global Politics
CPOG 444 — Politics, Media and Technology
CPOG 490 — Politics and Governance Topics
CPOL 106 — The Politics of Human Needs
CPOL 128 — Politics and Film
CPOL 129 — Immigration and Settlement in Canada
CPOL 208 — Globalization and World Politics
CPOL 501 — Women, Power and Politics
CPOL 507 — Power, Change and Technology
CPOL 510 — The Politics of Sexual Diversity
CPOL 540 — Issues in Third World Politics
CPOL 601 — Social Movements and Politics
CPOL 607 — Politics of Technology and Globalization
CPPA 101 — Cdn Public Administration I: Institutions
CPPA 102 — Cdn Public Administration II: Processes
CPPA 120 — Canadian Politics and Government
CPPA 121 — Ontario Politics and Government
CPPA 122 — Local Politics and Government
CPPA 124 — Indigenous Politics and Governance
CPPA 125 — Rights, Equity and the State
CPPA 211 — Public Policy
CPPA 235 — Theories of the State
CPPA 301 — Administrative Law
CPPA 303 — Financial Management
CPPA 319 — Politics of Work and Labour
CPPA 333 — Research Methods in Public Administration
CPPA 335 — Theories of Bureaucracy
CPPA 401 — Collaborative Governance
CPPA 402 — Program Planning and Evaluation
CPPA 403 — e-Government
CPPA 404 — Issues in Public Administration
CPPA 414 — Comparative Public Policy
CPPA 425 — Intergovernmental Relations
CPPA 490 — Public Administration Themes
CPPA 501 — Public Sector Leadership
CPPA 50A/B — Practicum

Sustainability Management

Sustainability is regarded as a global issue that will impact society and the world we live in. These courses provide you with an opportunity to acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge of sustainability-related issues. For more information, visit

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