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CVID 511 Dietetics Practice in Canada I

Course series
Gateway for International Professionals Program Area

Prerequisite(s): Department consent
Duration: 42 Hours
Fee: $775.61* (Payment in full is required at time of enrolment.)

Using an interdisciplinary and multi-level framework, this course will examine key aspects of dietetics practice in Canada. Dietetics practice will be positioned within an evolving health and health care context. Candidates will become familiar with Canada's health system's main structures and practice models, discuss and analyze health and its multiple determinants, and explore population health and health promotion frameworks, models, and strategies. Program planning and evaluation will also be explored.

Note: This course consists of online modules in addition to those on campus.

This course will run during the Winter break.

Fall 2017
Enrolment for this term is closed.
There are no classes/sections scheduled for this course in Fall 2017.
Winter 2018
Enrolment for Winter 2018 is currently open; see Important Dates for specific enrolment periods. See Enrolment for instructions on enrolling online, by mail, or in person. Undergraduate Students: Please enrol using RAMSS for courses applicable to your degree program.
There are no classes/sections scheduled for this course in Winter 2018
Spring/Summer 2018
This term is not yet open for enrolment via the Shopping Cart. Priority enrolment for certificate students for this term begins on February 12, 2018. Regular enrolment begins on February 26, 2018.
There are no classes/sections scheduled for this course in Spring/Summer 2018.

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