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Course Series in
Professional Healthcare Careers Foundations

This program is designed to assist individuals in meeting their academic degree course requirements in order to apply for entrance to healthcare career professional schools, namely medical school, veterinary school, dentistry school, pharmacy school, midwifery school, physical therapy school, optometry school, osteopathy school, podiatry school, speech pathology, and graduate programs including environmental biology and biomedical sciences/engineering.

For more information, refer to Professional School Prep Courses.

Those who successfully complete this course series are eligible to earn an Academic Achievement Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Course Prerequisites

Successful completion of all stated prerequisites is required for registration in a course. Students who register in a course without successful completion of the prerequisites will be required to withdraw.

Required Courses (select three)

Biology Stream

CBLG 10A/B   Biology:  Anatomy and Physiology
CBLG 143   Biology:  Biology I
CBLG 144   Biology:  Biology II
CBLG 151   Biology:  Microbiology I
CBLG 311   Biology:  Cell Biology

Chemistry Stream

Students who wish to pursue CKCH 113 must also select CKCH 107 as together these courses are equivalent to CHY 113.
Students who wish to pursue CKCH 142 must also select CKCH 143 as together these courses are equivalent to CHY 142.
Students who wish to pursue CKCH 225 must also select CKCH 227 as together these courses are equivalent to BCH 261.

CCHY 103   Chemistry:  General Chemistry I
CCHY 242   Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry II
CCHY 381   Chemistry:  Physical Chemistry I
CKCH 107   Chemistry:  General Chemistry Laboratory
CKCH 113   Chemistry:  General Chemistry II
CKCH 142   Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry I
CKCH 143   Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CKCH 225   Chemistry:  Biochemistry I
CKCH 227   Chemistry:  Biochemistry Laboratory I

Math and Physics Stream

CMTH 125   Mathematics:  Mathematics for Professional Programs
CMTH 131   Mathematics:  Modern Mathematics I
CMTH 207   Mathematics:  Calculus and Computational Methods I
CMTH 231   Mathematics:  Modern Mathematics II
CMTH 304   Mathematics:  Probability and Statistics I
CMTH 310   Mathematics:  Calculus and Computational Methods II
CMTH 404   Mathematics:  Probability and Statistics II
CPCS 110   Physics:  Physics
CPCS 120   Physics:  Physics I
CPCS 130   Physics:  Physics II

Once you have successfully completed the courses, email The Chang School at with your name, student number, and the course series you have completed. Upon verification, you will receive your academic achievement award.