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Course Series in
Health Ethics

Students will be provided with opportunities for exploring and examining ethical considerations in health and healthcare systems.

For more information, contact Pria Nippak, Academic Coordinator, at

Those who successfully complete this course series are eligible to earn a Professional Development Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Required Courses

Students may only select one of CPHL 302 or CPHL 509.

CPHL 302   Philosophy:  Ethics and Health Care
CPHL 444   Philosophy:  Ethics in Health Services Management
CPHL 509   Philosophy:  Bioethics
CPHL 602   Philosophy:  Health Policy: Ethics and Justice

The courses may be applied to the Health Studies certificate or to an applicable health-related certificate. Once you have successfully completed the courses, email with your name, student number, and the courses series you have completed. Upon verification, you will receive your professional development award.