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Course Series in
3-D Printing, Visualization, and Agile Product Prototyping

This program focuses on mastering agile product design, product sculpture, and prototyping with 3-D printers. Participants are taken through a series of hands-on in-class activities to familiarize them with the process of product ideation, realization of their designs digitally, 3-D animations of their designs, and the 3-D production of product prototypes using 3-D printers.

Supplies to be purchased by the student: Students are required to purchase (or already own) the following software: Pixologic ZBrush and ZSpheres, Autodesk Mudbox, SOLIDWORKS, DynaMesh, and 3-D computer graphics software that saves objects in the STL (stereolithography) format. As well, students must own or have access to a laptop, tablet, tablet pen, and an external hard drive.

Important Note: The 3-D printing of student product design is available for an additional fee.

For more information, contact Alex Ferworn, Academic Coordinator, at

Those who successfully complete this course series are eligible to earn a Professional Development Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Recommended Sequence

Students are advised to take the courses in the following sequence: CKCS 233; CKCS 230; and CKCS 231. CKCS 232 and CKCS 234 may be taken without reference to the aforementioned recommendation.

Required Courses (select four)

CKCS 230   Computer Science:  Intro to SOLIDWORKS for 3-D Printing
CKCS 231   Computer Science:  Product 3-D Animation/Rendering
CKCS 232   Computer Science:  3-D Printing: Agile Prototyping
CKCS 233   Computer Science:  Product Design for 3-D Printing
CKCS 234   Computer Science:  Product Drawing for 3-D Printing

Once you have successfully completed the courses, email The Chang School at with your name, student number, and the course series you have completed. Upon verification, you will receive your professional development award.

Fast Track in 3-D Printing, Visualization, and Agile Product Prototyping

This spring, participants in the 3-D Printing Fast Track (CKCS 995) can complete all four courses in the program and access specialized material and individualized instructor support.