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Course Series in
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

In today’s world, if aspiring and existing professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) wish to survive and thrive, they must continually redefine themselves and invest in their professional longevity by becoming more career-ready, more responsive to the demands of STEM employers and the rapidly changing labour market needs, more current and resilient, and more flexible and dynamic. In doing so, they will, in turn, benefit any STEM organization where they work, be it in business, government, government-business enterprise, or in research and not-for-profit.

For more information, contact Anne-Marie Brinsmead, Program Director, Engineering, Architecture, and Science, at

This course series is composed of three courses: one required course and two electives (from any of the seven elective streams).

Those who successfully complete this course series are eligible to earn a Professional Development Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Required Courses (select one)

CDCE 305   Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC):  Intro to Intercultural Communication
CDCE 306   Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC):  Managing Workplace Relationships
CDCE 307   Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC):  Wking with Culturally Diverse Clients
CDCE 308   Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC):  Cross Cultural Teamwork
CENT 500   Entrepreneurship:  New Venture Startup
CENT 526   Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy
CENT 601   Entrepreneurship:  Identifying Opportunities

Electives (select two)

Emergency Management

CSCI 232   Science:  Incident and Operations Management
CSCI 241   Science:  Planning for Emergency Management

Environmental Science Management and Science

CKES 120   Environmental Sciences:  Environmental and Atmospheric Processes
CKES 170   Environmental Sciences:  Water Treatment
CKES 180   Environmental Sciences:  Site Assessment
CKES 210   Environmental Sciences:  Applied Environmental Analysis
CKES 220   Environmental Sciences:  Environmental Law and Practice

Information Technology

CCPS 109   Computer Science:  Computer Science I
CCPS 305   Computer Science:  Data Structures
CCPS 311   Computer Science:  Object Oriented Programming and Design
CCPS 393   Computer Science:  Introduction to C and UNIX
CKCS 160   Computer Science:  CEH and CCE Comp Sec Exam Prep
CKCS 230   Computer Science:  Intro to SOLIDWORKS for 3-D Printing
CKCS 231   Computer Science:  Product 3-D Animation/Rendering
CKCS 232   Computer Science:  3-D Printing: Agile Prototyping
CKCS 233   Computer Science:  Product Design for 3-D Printing
CKCS 234   Computer Science:  Product Drawing for 3-D Printing
CKDF 110   Computer Security and Digital Forensics:  Computer Network Security
CKDF 120   Computer Security and Digital Forensics:  Computer Cryptography and Digital Steganography
CKDF 130   Computer Security and Digital Forensics:  Digital Forensics Systems
CKDF 140   Computer Security and Digital Forensics:  Security Architecture and Design
CKDF 145   Computer Security and Digital Forensics:  Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
CKRE 110   Robotics and Embedded Systems:  Digital Logic and Hardware Architecture
CKRE 120   Robotics and Embedded Systems:  Programming Robotics Systems
CKRE 130   Robotics and Embedded Systems:  Embedded Systems Hardware Architecture and Implementation
CMTH 304   Mathematics:  Probability and Statistics I
CMTH 404   Mathematics:  Probability and Statistics II
CMTH 642   Mathematics:  Data Analytics: Advanced Methods
CSCI 130   Science:  Mobile Robotic Devices Embedded Systems
CSCI 230   Science:  Emergency Management Practice
CSCI 243   Science:  Continuity and Risk Management
CZLW 120   Law:  Law for Forensics Professionals

Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Continuity and Excellence and Sustainability

CKSS 100   Sustainability Management:  Fundamentals in Sustainability I
CKSS 101   Sustainability Management:  Fundamentals in Sustainability II
CKSS 210   Sustainability Management:  Lean Six Sigma Contin Improvement
CKSS 211   Sustainability Management:  Lean Six Sigma Sust Bus Enterprise
CKSS 212   Sustainability Management:  Lean Six Sigma Quality Assurance


CMTH 500   Mathematics:  Introduction to Stochastic Processes
CMTH 501   Mathematics:  Numerical Analysis I
CMTH 600   Mathematics:  Computational Methods In Mathematics
CMTH 700   Mathematics:  Financial Mathematics I
CMTH 800   Mathematics:  Financial Mathematics II

Organization Operations

CKMT 104   Mathematics:  FRM Level I Exam Prep
CSCI 234   Science:  Analysis of Critical Incidents


CBLG 143   Biology:  Biology I
CBLG 144   Biology:  Biology II
CBLG 151   Biology:  Microbiology I
CBLG 699   Biology:  Social Factors in Drug Development
CCHY 103   Chemistry:  General Chemistry I
CCHY 183   Chemistry:  Introduction to Forensic Sciences
CCHY 242   Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry II
CCHY 381   Chemistry:  Physical Chemistry I
CCHY 583   Chemistry:  Alternative Energies
CKCH 107   Chemistry:  General Chemistry Laboratory
CKCH 113   Chemistry:  General Chemistry II
CKCH 142   Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry I
CKCH 143   Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CKCH 216   Chemistry:  Analytical Chemistry I
CKCH 217   Chemistry:  Analytical Chemistry Laboratory I
CKCH 223   Chemistry:  Analytical Chemistry II
CKCH 224   Chemistry:  Analytical Chemistry Laboratory II
CKCH 227   Chemistry:  Biochemistry Laboratory I
CKES 190   Environmental Sciences:  Renewable Energy and Green Technology
CPCS 111   Physics:  Physics in the News
CPCS 120   Physics:  Physics I
CPCS 130   Physics:  Physics II
CPCS 181   Physics:  Introduction to Astronomy
CPCS 182   Physics:  Life in the Milky Way Galaxy
CPCS 581   Physics:  Advanced Topics in Astronomy

Note to course series students
Electives – Emergency Management
CKDM 120 and CKDM 140 deleted.
CSCI 232 and CSCI 241 added.
Electives – Information Technology
CKDM 100 and CKDM 150 deleted.
CSCI 230 and CSCI 243 added.
Electives – Organization Operations
CKDM 130 and CKME 700 deleted.
CSCI 234 added.

Once you have successfully completed the courses, email The Chang School at with your name, student number, and the course series you have completed. Upon verification, you will receive your professional development award.