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This certificate program is designed for those wishing to enter the field of architecture, as well as those already employed in the field and wishing to improve their skills and credentials. With additional courses, this six-course certificate is recognized by the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario (AATO) as meeting the educational requirements for membership as a Probationer Technician. Students interested in the AATO should refer to the Professional Institutes and Associations section.

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Admission Criteria

It is recommended that applicants have the following:

A post-secondary undergraduate education (university or college) in a relevant field of study including programs related to architecture and/or environmental science.

Undergraduate students wishing to pursue a continuing education certificate program should be aware of possible restrictions; please refer to Curriculum Advising for complete details.

Program Open House

Students who have questions about the admission criteria and/or would like to know more about this certificate are invited to attend a Program Open House. Please see Open House for dates, times, and location.

Certificate Requirements

The successful completion of six courses, with a cumulative grade point average of 1.67 or higher, is required for the certificate. A maximum of three course credits may be granted on the basis of equivalent courses successfully completed at other post-secondary institutions or fully documented work experience. After completing the four required courses, students may select from the elective courses listed.

It is recommended that the required courses be taken in the following order: CKAR 300, CKAR 310, CKAR 205, and CKAR 103.

For further information about the program, please contact Anne-Marie Brinsmead, Program Director, at or at 416.979.5000, ext. 2665, or Yew-Thong Leong, Academic Coordinator, at, or attend a Program Open House.

Certificate Registration

Students may be registered in only one certificate program at any one time. To allow maximum flexibility in crediting external courses and/or courses previously taken at Ryerson, students should register in the certificate at the beginning of their first course (see also Courses and Programs FAQ). For complete details on the advantages of early registration, registration deadlines, and Transfer Credit restrictions, all students should read Registration in a Certificate Program.

Requirements for Graduation

To graduate, you must successfully complete the published certificate curricula from the year you registered in the certificate. Certificate requirements must be completed within six years from the time you were first admitted into the certificate program. In some circumstances, certificate requirements may change, resulting in courses no longer being available. In such cases, Course Substitutions/Directives may be requested. Also, you must apply on RAMSS to graduate, prior to the appropriate application deadlines (see Important Dates). For complete details, all students should read Graduation.

Sample Certificate Completion Models

Certificate-completion models offer combinations of courses that have been developed to assist you in completing your certificate in three or six terms. Planning your studies according to one of these models allow you to complete your certificate a pace suitable to you.

Certificate in three terms
FALL 1:CKAR 300, CKAR 310
FALL 2: Electives (two)
Certificate in six terms
Note: Pathways may be combined so that a student begins with one course per term then switches to two courses per term, or vice versa.

Required Courses

CKAR 103   Architecture:  Architectural Studio - Fundamental
CKAR 205   Architecture:  Building Codes and Regulations
CKAR 300   Architecture:  Architectural Drawing
CKAR 310   Architecture:  Materials and Methods

Electives (select two)

CENT 500   Entrepreneurship:  New Venture Startup
CKAR 203   Architecture:  Specifications and Contractual Documents
CKAR 209   Architecture:  Digital Graphics for Architecture and Design
CKAR 500   Architecture:  Sustainable Buildings
CKAR 785   Architecture:  Building Info Modelling (REVIT)
CKDA 610   Digital Architecture:  Digital Architectural Modelling
CKDA 611   Digital Architecture:  Digital Architectural Rendering
CKPM 213   Project Management:  Management of Projects in the AEC
CKPM 214   Project Management:  Project Development and Control
CTEC 210   Technology Studies:  Fundamentals of Project Management

Note to registered certificate program students
CKAR 204, CKAR 210, CKAR 605, CKLA 400, CKLA 410, and CKPM 202 deleted.
CTEC 210 added.

Distance Education

The following courses are available in a distance education format this academic year.

CENT 500   Entrepreneurship:  New Venture Startup
CKPM 213   Project Management:  Management of Projects in the AEC
CTEC 210   Technology Studies:  Fundamentals of Project Management