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Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)

This program provides students with a comprehensive picture of current thought and approaches to transportation logistics practices and the economic impact, design management, systems management, supply chain management, and planning challenges and opportunities that transportation logistics present.

The courses below allow students to tailor their choices to meet their individual interests in extending their knowledge and skills needed to support operational logistics in linear infrastructure and transportation. This knowledge and applicable skill set will be useful for practitioners whether they are serving the transportation industry or municipal, provincial, national, or international linear infrastructures.

Required Courses (select five)

CECN 710   Economics:  Transportation Economics
CGMS 803   Global Management Studies:  Principles of Transportation
CGMS 804   Global Management Studies:  Studies in Global Supply Chain Management
CKCV 735   Civil Engineering:  Highway Design
CKCV 902   Civil Engineering:  Traffic Operations and Management
CKCV 910   Civil Engineering:  Transportation Planning

Once the five courses have been successfully completed, students will earn a designation from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, North America (CILTNA).

For information, contact:
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
323 Coventry Road, L81
Ottawa, Ontario K1K 3X6
Telephone: 613.209.9992