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The Insurance Institute of Canada – Fellowship Program

The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education offers a series of evening courses fulfilling the requirements for the management major of the Insurance Institute of Canada Fellowship Program.

Admission Requirements

Completion of one of the following professional designations: Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada (AIIC) or Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP).

Program Requirements

The successful completion of 10 courses is required for the management major.

Recommended Sequence

It is recommended that CGMS 200 be taken first, and CGMS 502  be taken last. Students may take the remaining courses in the order they prefer.

Required Courses (All majors)

CECN 104Economics: Introductory Microeconomics (Institute Course No. 911)
CLAW 122Law: Business Law (Institute Course No. 912)
CGMS 200Global Management: Introduction to Management (Institute Course No. 910)

Required Courses* (Management major)

CACC 100Accounting: Introductory Financial Accounting (Institute Course No. 914)
CMHR 405Human Resources: Organizational Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills (Institute Course No. 913)
CMKT 100Marketing: Marketing I (Institute Course No. 915)
CGMS 502Global Management: Management Control (Institute Course No. 920)

*The claims major, underwriting major, broker major, and risk management major are available by correspondence. Please refer to the Insurance Institute of Canada syllabus for details.

Approved Electives (All majors)

CACC 406Accounting: Introductory Management Accounting (Institute Course No. 925)
CCMN 414Communication: Interpersonal Communication in Management (Institute Course No. 918)
CDPR 100Public Relations: Public Relations Principles (Institute Course No. 929)
CECN 204Economics: Introductory Macroeconomics (Institute Course No. 988)
CECN 301Economics: Intermediate Macroeconomics I (Institute Course No. 924)
CECN 504Economics: Intermediate Microeconomics I (Institute Course No. 924)
CECN 603Economics: Canada in the Global Economy (Institute Course No. 922)
CFIN 300Finance: Managerial Finance I (Institute Course No. 916)
CITM 100Information Technology Management: Business and Information Systems (Institute Course No. 926)
CITM 350Information Technology Management: Concepts of eBusiness (Institute Course No. 919)
CMHR 522Human Resources: Industrial Relations (Institute Course No. 923)
CMHR 523Human Resources: Human Resources Management (Institute Course No. 928)
CMKT 502Marketing: Consumer Behaviour (Institute Course No. 921)
CQMS 102Quantitative Methods: Business Statistics I (Institute Course No. 917)
CQMS 521Quantitative Methods: Business Optimization (Institute Course No. 927)

Distance Education

The following courses are available in a distance education format.

CACC 100   Accounting:  Introductory Financial Accounting
CACC 406   Accounting:  Introductory Management Accounting
CDPR 100   Public Relations:  Public Relations Principles
CECN 104   Economics:  Introductory Microeconomics
CECN 204   Economics:  Introductory Macroeconomics
CFIN 300   Finance:  Managerial Finance I
CGMS 200   Global Management:  Introduction to Global Management
CITM 350   Information Technology Management:  Concepts of e-Business
CLAW 122   Law:  Business Law
CMHR 405   Human Resources:  Organizational Behaviour
CMHR 523   Human Resources:  Human Resources Management
CMKT 100   Marketing:  Principles of Marketing
CQMS 102   Quantitative Methods:  Business Statistics I

For further information, contact:
Insurance Institute of Canada
18 King Street East, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C4
Telephone: 416.362.8586