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Business Management

Bachelor of Commerce, Ted Rogers School of Management (Faculty of Business)
Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Staffed by a faculty with many years of business management and teaching and excellent academic credentials, the Ted Rogers School of Business Management has become the largest undergraduate business school in Ontario. It supplies industry and government with intelligent, dedicated graduates who are practically oriented, immediately useful, and capable of further personal development either by advanced formal education and/or by promotion to senior job responsibilities. The part-time Business Management Degree Program takes the equivalent of four years of full-time study to complete.

The program provides students with specialization in their chosen vocation, a practical and comprehensive knowledge of all the basic functions of business, an awareness of social, political and economic issues facing contemporary society, a questioning attitude to encourage and assist change, an ability to employ analytical skills for decision-making, and a desire to continue to learn and develop.

For more information see the Ryerson University Undergraduate Calendar, visit the Business Management (BComm) website, or send your questions/concerns to (preferred) or call 416.979.5121.