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Retail Management

Bachelor of Commerce, Ted Rogers School of Management (Faculty of Business)
Ted Rogers School of Retail Management

The Retail Management part-time degree program allows students employed in the retail-sector or related fields, to pursue part-time studies through year-round flexible programming.

The Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management prepares students for professional careers in the retail/distribution sector and/or to engage in postgraduate studies in this or related areas. The program is designed to develop flexible, people-oriented, analytic, and creative retail professionals who have an appreciation of how all of the variables of the retail marketing mix interrelate in a successful retail environment.

Part-time students are entitled to access up to a maximum of three courses per semester, space permitting. The Ted Rogers School of Retail Management can make no guarantees that all courses required will be offered or available each semester for the part-time program. Therefore, enrolment is subject to availability.

Please note: Certain courses within the degree program will ONLY be available in-class and/or during the day. While students may fulfill their course requirements primarily through online or evening classes, the part-time degree is NOT offered entirely online.

For official information and complete details about the degree program, please visit the Ryerson University Part-Time Undergraduate Calendar or the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management website, or contact the academic coordinator at or 416.979.5000, ext. 7203.