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1.Certificate: Music: Global and Cultural Contexts [ ■■■■■ ]
The Certificate in Music: Global and Cultural Contexts explores musical creation in all of its rich diversity. Students will learn about the complexities of music from around the..
2.Professional Association: Royal Conservatory of Music [ ■■■■■ ]
The Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) is a unique program offered by The Royal Conservatory of Music in partnership with The G. Raymond Chang School..
3.CMUS 101 - Intro to World and Early European Music [ ■■■■■ ]
This course provides basic knowledge and understanding of music in culture, with emphasis on listening skills and repertoire. Brief survey of world music and the Medieval, Renaissance..
4.CRTA 180 - Music and Film [ ■■■■■ ]
The use of music with film has evolved from early stereotyped borrowing of nineteenth century classical European repertoire to newly created scores that enhance and support the..
5.CRTA 530 - Chinese Music [ ■■■■■ ]
This course explores a variety of Chinese musical genres including folk, classical, contemporary hybrid and popular forms. Topics may include: the philosophical roots of music..
6.CMUS 211 - Music Cultures of the City [ ■■■■■ ]
Large urban centres such as Toronto offer a tremendous variety of events, from superstars in the Rogers Centre to amateur folk musicians in local coffee houses. What are the ways..
7.CMUS 401 - Music, Religion and Spirituality [ ■■■■■ ]
This course explores the dynamic interrelationship of music, religion and spirituality in a multicultural context. Topics will include the role, style, and conception of music..
8.CMUS 505 - Popular Music and Culture [ ■■■■■ ]
This course explores the development of North American, British and non-western popular music. Lectures investigate key historical periods and genres which define the popular idiom..
9.CMUS 501 - Traditional Musics of the World [ ■■■■■ ]
This course examines musical cultures around the world, focusing on traditional genres. Course content covers conceptual, structural, rhythmic and modal systems. The functions..
10.CMUS 503 - Social Issues in Popular Music [ ■■■■■ ]
This course will examine the relationship between contemporary popular music and social issues. The ways in which popular music addresses, interacts with and intersects identity..
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