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21.CFRE 704 - Intro to Franco-Canadian Culture I [ ■■■■■ ]
This course introduces students to twentieth century and contemporary Quebec culture. Students will examine forms of cultural expression such as cinema, television, visual arts,..
22.CENG 620 - English Caribbean Literatures and Cultures [ ■■■■■ ]
The lives of peoples from the English-speaking Caribbean are extensively explored in dramatic works, films, music, art, novels and stories produced in the region and by Caribbean..
23.CDMP 130 - History of Arts and Scenography [ ■■■■■ ]
This course will study scenography as a parallel progression with a cross-cultural survey of the arts. Organized along major world belief systems, students will familiarize themselves..
24.CSMU 100 - Singing Level I [ ■■■■■ ]
Here is your opportunity to come out and participate in a 50+ choir without the pressure of an audition. Each class involves singing and ear training in a group setting. There..
25.CFRS 602 - French Caribbean Literature and Culture [ ■■■■■ ]
This course, taught in English, will focus on the literature, culture and arts of the Francophone Caribbean (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti). Issues of colonialism and postcolonialism,..
26.CFRE 804 - Intro to Franco-Canadian Culture II [ ■■■■■ ]
This course introduces students to Franco-Canadian cultures outside Quebec. Cultural contrasts and continuity between Quebec, Acadian, Franco-Ontarian and Western French-Canadian..
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