To be eligible for a tuition fee refund, students must officially drop their course within the published deadline dates; see Important Dates. Official course drops are accepted in the following ways:

  • online at
  • in person at the ServiceHub (Podium, 1st floor, 350 Victoria Street)

Notification to an instructor and nonattendance of a course are not accepted as an official course drop. See Withdrawals for more information.

Note: Students who are registered in a part-time degree program must refer to the Full- and Part-Time Undergraduate Calendar for the refund policy.

Refund Deadlines

For the complete list of refund deadlines, see Important Dates.

Exceptions to Refund Policy

Some seminars/workshops publish specific refund policies that supersede the above, see Important Dates.

Material Fees

Some course fees consist of a tuition portion and a material portion. Individual course descriptions specify if their fees include a material component. For these courses, the material fee is refunded only to registrants who officially withdraw five business days prior to the first scheduled class (see Full Refund at Important Dates). After this time, the material fee is non-refundable.

Receipt of Refunds

If a student withdraws/drops a course online or in person, according to Ryerson‘s official deadline dates, any applicable refund will be automatically processed within 15 days. Refunds are mailed or credited to the student’s credit card. Please note that credits to your credit card may take up to 45 days to appear on your statement. We regret that we cannot accept a telephone call or notification to an instructor as withdrawal or eligibility for a refund.

Refunds for cancelled courses will be processed automatically and a refund cheque mailed (or a credit issued to your credit card) within 15 days. If you do not receive your refund within 15 days, please telephone the ServiceHub at 416.979.5036.