Industry Overview

Publishing involves the production of print and digital materials. It is a key activity for many organizations:

  • book publishers
  • corporations
  • professional associations
  • governments
  • not-for-profit agencies
  • research institutions
  • universities and colleges

Book Publishing

Since the 15th century, book publishing has been at the heart of the publishing industry. Today it comprises numerous specialties, including trade, educational, scholarly, professional, and self-publishing, in print and digital formats and online.

Toronto is the centre of the Canadian book-publishing industry. Our Publishing Program draws on the city’s rich publishing resources in many courses and through our outstanding internships.

Digital Technology

Digital technology has spawned many new types of publications:

  • e-books
  • websites
  • online publications
  • CD-ROMs and online educational materials

To meet the needs of today’s learners, our Publishing Program integrates non-book publishing across the curriculum and offers a full course in the role of digital technology in the production process.

Canadian Publishing

You can learn more about Canadian publishing by reading Quill & Quire. Each month this magazine includes reviews of new Canadian books, articles about the book industry, reports of book deals, author profiles, opinion columns, and bestseller lists. Quill & Quire Omni provides interim updates to its industry subscribers, and the Quillblog keeps everyone in the know.

The Book Trade in Canada is an excellent source for finding people, companies, and services related to the Canadian book trade.

Publishing-Related Associations

The Association of Canadian Publishers

Book and Periodical Council

Canadian Book Professionals Association

Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing

Canadian Children’s Book Centre

Editors’ Association of Canada

To find out more about magazine and web publishing, visit The Chang School’s Magazine and Web Publishing program website.