Meet Our Recent Graduates

Our graduates go on to successful careers in all facets of the publishing industry.

Multinational Trade Publishing, Editorial

Kiara Kent“When I decided to pursue a career in book editing, I had no idea where to begin and had no contacts. Through the introductory courses at Ryerson I was able to have meaningful conversations not only with smart peers with the same interests, but with wonderful instructors who were active members of the publishing community, and who were always willing to offer advice and perspective, not to mention crucial references when they mattered most. I landed an editorial internship three months into the program with Doubleday Canada, a division of Penguin Random House Canada, and am still here today in the role of Editor. The Ryerson Publishing program made it possible for me to work with some of the best writers in the world, surrounded by bright and tremendously hardworking colleagues and mentors.”

Kiara Kent
Recipient, Rosemary Shipton Award for Excellence in Book Editing (2012)
Editor, Doubleday Canada

Canadian Independent Publishing, Production and Design

Sam Tse“Ryerson’s Publishing program equipped me with the skills I need to work in one of the most exciting areas of publishing – design. When I first enrolled in the program, I wanted to become an editor. Although the editorial courses were great, I quickly realized that this was not the best match for me. Luckily, the Publishing program also offers excellent production and design courses. These courses prepared me for a production internship at Penguin Random House Canada, where I met and learned from some of the most talented and creative people in the industry. The internship led to freelance work with HarperCollins Canada, a position as production assistant at Firefly Books, and then a position as production coordinator at world-renowned comics publisher Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal. None of this would have been possible without the Certificate in Publishing program and the amazing people I met there.”

Sam Tse
Recipient, Pearson Canada Award (2015)
Production Coordinator, Drawn & Quarterly

Educational and Scholarly Publishing, Editorial

Keriann McGoogan“I enrolled in Ryerson’s Publishing program because I was interested in leveraging my graduate degree (a PhD in anthropology) and my experience teaching undergraduates into a career in publishing. The courses I took at Ryerson were key to my career success. The educational publishing overview gave me insight into the industry and an opportunity to connect with and learn from instructors with established careers. Through the Ryerson program, I landed an internship at Canadian Scholars’ Press, which ultimately led to my first position in educational publishing. Now I work at Pearson Education Canada as an Acquisitions Editor for the Humanities and Social Sciences. I credit the Ryerson program for providing me with the skills and connections that I needed to kick off my publishing career.”

Keriann McGoogan
Recipient, Pearson Canada Award (2013)
Acquisitions Editor, Pearson Education Canada

U.S. Book Publishing, Digital Production

Simon Keeble“I entered the Ryerson program without a clear idea of where I wanted to end up in publishing but knew I wanted to work with books in a digital format. Ryerson offered the exact courses and contacts that helped me secure an internship at HarperCollins Canada in Digital Sales & Marketing, which led to a summer contract. That experience, combined with coursework focusing on production (print and digital), with a healthy exposure to other aspects of the industry, gave me the background I needed to join the Time Inc. Books team in New York City, where I was Digital Product Coordinator, managing their ebook and print-on-demand programs until March 2018. I am currently Digital Product Distribution Coordinator at W.W. Norton, utilizing the skills I learned through the Ryerson Publishing program on a daily basis.”

Simon Keeble
Digital Product Distribution Coordinator, W.W. Norton