Our Students

The Certificate in Food Security attracts well-educated professionals and those just starting out in their working lives. Both types are committed to ensuring widespread access to safe, nutritious foods.

Food Security students typically have backgrounds in a field related to food security, such as nutrition, public health, agriculture, planning, and sociology. Many already have work experience in the food security sector and want to broaden their knowledge and skills so they can advance their careers.

By taking our courses via distance education, you'll be interacting online with people from all over the world!

Some people take only one or two courses. Others register for the entire certificate. Either way, our learners come from all over the globe and are passionate about broadening their knowledge and skills for work in this emerging area.

Eligibility for the Certificate

Generally speaking, to be eligible for the Certificate in Food Security you must have one of the following:

  • a senior undergraduate in good academic standing
  • a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • current graduate student status
  • five years of work experience in a food-security related field

Note: If you’re interested in taking individual courses, Ryerson University’s general eligibility rules apply.

What Our Students Say about the Program

When I first read about food security, I had a light bulb moment and realized this is my calling so I enrolled in the Certificate in Food Security at Ryerson. Previously, in 2008, I travelled to South Africa to volunteer my time in a food insecure community. In Thembalethu, I forged a partnership with a local man, Gcinisizwe Noyakaza, to improve food security, housing, agriculture and access to education, and plant fruit trees to improve access to nutritious food. In the same year, I founded an organization, The Themba Development Project Association, a Canadian registered charity, which benefits from both the practical, hands-on techniques and theory I learned at The Chang School.
Catherine Robar
Graduate, Certificate in Food Security
Winner, Ryerson Gold Medal (2011)
Founding Director, The Themba Development Project Association

Coming from a background in agronomy and currently working for a non-governmental organization in Austria, I joined the program to pursue a career specialization in food security. Studying at The Chang School was a highly rewarding experience, and I enjoyed learning from an excellent academic body and peers with different backgrounds and experiences. The online modules cover a wide range of topics related to development, policies, economics, agriculture, and the environment, and have enabled me to acquire a strong set of skills and knowledge about current food security issues. This program has helped me to gain a wider understanding of practical applications of concepts and policies to promote food security and community development. Also, it has helped me to engage more confidently in debates over hunger and malnutrition. The flexibility of the online courses allowed me to study during my travels to Africa and Asia. I strongly recommend this program to others with an interest in food security and development work.
Thomas Preindl
Graduate, Certificate in Food Security
Humanitarian Response Officer, CARITAS

Certificate in Food Security Alumni

Did you study in Ryerson’s Food Security program? Drop us a line and let us know what you’re doing now. You’re also welcome to link from your site to ours (www.ryerson.ca/ce/foodsecurity).