Program Curriculum

The Early Childhood Studies (ECS) curriculum is made up of four types of courses: required courses (including field placements), professional electives, professionally related electives, and liberal studies electives.

Required courses and professional electives are developed and delivered by the School of Early Childhood Studies for ECS students. These courses are prescribed (e.g., CCLD 332, CCLD 342) and must be successfully completed in order to graduate. Either two (Fall 2010 or after) or four (Fall 2009 and prior) professional electives must be selected from a specified list of courses.

Professionally related electives are select courses offered to ECS students from other schools/programs based on their relevance to the core curriculum. Again, students may choose a set number of courses from a pre-approved list.

Liberal studies electives – often referred to as the “humanities” – round out students’ educational experience by providing a wider backdrop to understanding the world in which we live.

As of Fall 2010, the School of Early Childhood Studies introduced a new curriculum for the direct-entry program. Students who entered the program in Fall 2010 or after pursue the current curriculum requirements for graduation. Students who enrolled in the program before Fall 2010 will continue to pursue the curriculum requirements that were established when they entered the program. Some course substitutions may be required.

Your admission date determines your curriculum requirements.

In or After Fall 2010

Students admitted in or after Fall 2010 will find their Program Curriculum and Curriculum Planning Sheet at “In or After Fall 2010”.

Fall 2005 to Fall 2009

Students admitted from Fall 2005 to Fall 2009 will find their Program Curriculum and Curriculum Planning Sheet at “Fall 2005 to Fall 2009”.