Field Education

Field education (often called placement) is a crucial component of the part-time direct-entry Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies program.

As a student in an applied professional program, you will be required to link your theoretical courses with experiential learning in a particular setting. Field education will enable you to explore new practicum settings, develop confidence, and practise teaching and leadership skills. You will have the opportunity to pursue new career goals utilizing a repertoire of professional and ethical practices.

In third year you can fulfill your requirements in a four-week block or in a three-days-per-week format. Similarly, in fourth year, depending on the term, you may be able to complete your field education in a five-week block or in a three-days-per-week format.

Students are not permitted to register for a fourth-year placement (CCLD 464) immediately after a third-year placement (CCLD 363). There must be a gap of at least one term between your third- and fourth-year placements.

You cannot graduate without successfully completing the field education component of the program.

Field Education at a Glance

Students admitted to the program in Fall 2012 or after
YearField Education TermDuration
3CCLD 363 Field Education IIIany20 full days
4CCLD 464 Senior Internshipany25 full days
Students admitted to the program in Fall 2005 to Fall 2012
YearField Education TermDuration
3Special Needsany20 full days
4Internshipany25 full days
Students admitted to the program before Fall 2005
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  1. All details pertaining to field education
  2. The roles and responsibilities of the student, faculty advisor, and field educator
  3. Challenge Credits (applicable only to those who entered before Fall 2005)
  4. Out of Country/Province Placements