Online Teaching

Online learning has become increasingly popular among students and continuing education contract lecturers (CECLs) at The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. As part of our commitment to offering high-quality courses and programs to our students, The Chang School continuously strives to ensure that all CECLs have the tools and information needed to prepare for and deliver courses in an effective and engaging way. We have developed many resources that help CECLs and students to maximize their online teaching and learning.

The Chang School offers a Professional Development Program, Teaching Adult Learners Online, for all online CECLs. This four-week, hands-on program has been designed to model the learning experience of your online students.

Please review the information available under Administrative Resources for a summary of recommended practices and a document that outlines the performance expectations for all CECLs teaching online at The Chang School.

Additional online teaching resources are available in the following pages:

If you have any questions about recommended practices or tips for online teaching, please contact DES CECL support at

If your students have any administrative or technical questions regarding their online course, please direct them to