Email Accounts

All Chang School CECLs must activate their Ryerson University Ryerson Online Identity/email account upon appointment in order to receive official University information, notices and other relevant material. You are required to access and maintain this email account on a regular basis and must use this email account to communicate with students.

To activate your Ryerson online identity, including email, go to My Accounts on the CCS website. Please note the following information regarding your Ryerson Online Identity:

With your Ryerson Online IdentityGuidelinesNext steps
You will be able to do the following:
  • Send and receive email through Ryerson University’s Email system through your home or office web browser
  • Communicate with your students
  • Receive information and bulletins from Ryerson and The Chang School
  • Use D2L Brightspace to create online support for your course (for more information, send an email to
  • Your email account will remain active as long as there is no break in your teaching contracts with The Chang School, thereby enabling you to follow up on academic issues with Ryerson beyond the end of term.
  • You are asked to check your Ryerson email account at least daily.
  • Be sure you maintain your account by deleting any email you no longer need.
  • If you use this email account to receive student assignments, you should set up Gmail and other Ryerson Google Apps, so you can manage the flow better.
  1. To open your account from your home or office web browser, go to the Web Mail login screen (
    • Login to Web Mail using your user name and password.
    • Change your password (6-8 lower case alpha/numeric characters) by following the instructions in the “options” tab.
    • Bookmark the site to facilitate regular access.
  2. To learn more about accessing and managing email, go to the CCS RMail page.
  3. To learn more about managing your Ryerson online identity, go to the CCS My Accounts page.