Getting Computer Accounts

Ryerson University’s CCS (Computing and Communication Services) department is responsible for information resource, computing, and communications requirements of the Ryerson community.

As a CECL at The Chang School, you need access to several digital services:

  • The portal – this is your gateway to all essential digital content and interaction at Ryerson. Log-in with your Ryerson Online Identity (Ryerson email username and password).
  • Ryerson email – accessed via the Apps tab in Select RMail (Web) under the Other Ryerson Applications heading. You may opt to set up Gmail. To learn more about Gmail and other Google applications at Ryerson, visit Google Apps at Ryerson University.
  • D2L is Ryerson’s learning management system (LMS). To request a course shell from, visit Courses and Organizations in the Manage My Resources section. Select Request and Manage Shell.
  • RAMSS (Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service) hosts the Faculty Centre, where you can find and download your class roster into Excel, and where you submit the final official letter grades for your students at the end of the term.
  • Computer labs, if you have been assigned one for your class.
  • Presentation technology podiums (Ptech), if you have been assigned a classroom with a Ptech podium. You need a Ryerson OneCard in order to open the podium.

Are You a New CECL?

If you have never worked at Ryerson, you must have the following before you can proceed with your account activation:

  • a teaching job offer that you have accepted online
  • your Ryerson employee ID number (sent to you via email from Ryerson HR)
  • your date of birth

Activate your online identity by completing a series of online forms, during which you will obtain a user name (also referred to as Ryerson Online Identity or username) and set your password.

There are four steps in the activation process:

  1. Account Activation Login
  2. Ryerson Computing Guidelines Policy Agreement and Quiz
  3. User Name Selection and Password Selection
  4. Challenge Phrase Selection

Please read the Online Identity FAQ below before you start, then go to Activate Your Ryerson Online Identity to begin your account activation process. If you are unable to complete your account activation, contact

Returning CECLs

Ryerson online identities (Ryerson Online Identity and email accounts) are deactivated only after a break in teaching service. To verify if your account and password are active, try logging in to the University’s portal.

If you are not able to log into, you will need to reactivate your online identity (Ryerson Online Identity account) by following the steps at Activate Your Ryerson Online Identity. Before you can proceed, you must have accepted your job offer, know your Ryerson employee ID number, and provide your date of birth. If you are unable to complete your account activation, contact

If you are a returning CECL and know your Ryerson Online Identity and password and are able to enter the portal at, you must go to “Manage My Online Resources” to verify your owner information, especially your date of birth. Be sure to advise Human Resources of any changes immediately. To facilitate future password resets, you must also register your challenge phrase selection.

Online Identity FAQ­

  1. Am I eligible for a Ryerson University online identity?
    All Chang School CECLs with an active employment relationship are eligible for an online identity.

  2. What does this online identity give me access to?
    • Ryerson’s portal and learning management system (LMS)
    • Your Ryerson email (for more information, go to Email Accounts)
    • RAMSS (Ryerson's Administrative Management Self-Service ) to access your class roster (class list) and to submit your final grades
    • Ryerson central computer labs, where assigned
    • Presentation technology in PTech classrooms, if assigned

  3. What information do I need to activate my identity?
    Before you fill in the activation form, please make sure you know your Ryerson employee number, your date of birth, and the first and last name you supplied to Ryerson University.

  4. Is it safe to give my employee number online via this activation process?
    Yes. The forms sit on a secure server at Ryerson, and all content is encrypted.

  5. Whom do I contact if I have problems with activation?
    At each step in the activation process there is a link on the web page that you can use to send CCS (Computing and Communication Services) a message if you experience any problems using this service. You can also contact The Chang School at

Please Note: When you complete, even partially complete, this activation process, make sure you shut down your browser to ensure that a stranger is not able to access your activation information and use your online identity.