Communicate at The Chang School

Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education has an array of courses and certificates to get you writing, communicating, editing, or reporting. You can choose individual courses to meet your needs or complete one of our certificate programs to attain a professional qualification, either taking courses on Ryerson’s downtown campus or online through distance education. Whether dealing with fact or fiction, print or online, a novel or a news item, you’ll discover new tales to tell and gain the skills required to develop your writing.

Business Communication

Improve both your written and oral communication and leave your audience with a positive impression and a clear understanding of your message.


While refining your distinct style and voice, learn about the world of journalism and the process of collecting, analyzing, and imparting information on events, people, or issues.

Magazine and Web Publishing

Discover the basics of conceiving, pitching, writing, and revising stories for print or web publications, as well as acquiring research, editing, design, and management skills for working on a magazine or website (or starting one of your own).

Media Writing Fundamentals

Learn to deliver information that both enlightens and entertains as you gain a thorough overview of the various forms of writing for broadcast news, commercials, and television scripts.

News Studies

Learn how journalists gather, report, analyze, and explain what is considered “news.”

Public Relations

Hone your practical, analytical, and theoretical skills for a career in public relations. Learn to protect organizational reputation; develop and execute communication plans; write media releases, newsletters, and web content; and more.


Learn how to turn a manuscript into a successful print or electronic publication through the process of editing, design, production, and sales and marketing. Courses are taught by publishing professionals and internships are available.

Writing Workshops

Join our dynamic community bringing writers together to converse, inspire, and share ideas. As you fine-tune your craft, you’ll be guided by enthusiastic writers with stellar credentials.

Want to explore other offerings?

Use our course search tool to explore the full range of courses offered at The Chang School, or browse our courses and programs by area of interest. Need help deciding on your next step? Take advantage of our academic and career advising or contact us today.

Open House Session

Find out more about the communications program of your choice at a free Open House session.