Student Testimonials

Our students are creative, interesting people from every walk of life, from all sorts of backgrounds, and from a wide range of ages. Some are new to writing, others are committed writers eager to get feedback, and all are bound by their desire to write. Many have become published authors.

Brian Francis –The students are at different levels of experience and vary in the amount of the time they can put into writing, and people respect that. There is a wide range of types of writers, and it’s very encouraging to be in a room full of people who love writing as much as I do, and who come to class every week. There’s also a healthy competitiveness that prompts you into action.

Valentina Gal – I signed up for the autobiographical writing workshop in order to continue exploring my stories. I am the blind daughter of displaced persons who came to Canada in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and my stories, peopled with a variety of colourful characters, deal with some of the issues my family and I lived through. The teacher and students welcomed and supported me despite my visual impairment and its challenges. They read notes for me from the blackboard and guided me to the places I needed to go. I couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating and inclusive class. And best of all, the experience helped me to affirm my writing voice.

Saima Gilani – Thank you so much for the great feedback and beautiful editing tips. I am sure these will help me not only to improve my story but also to support me all my life for better writing pieces. Before taking up ‘Short Fiction Writing - Level I’ (CWWR 410) online, I was so nervous and hesitant, but the instructor gave me the confidence to continue my learning here and I am now positive about taking up some more courses. I have seriously learnt the kind of writing skills which I never did for all those 16 years of schooling.

Joanne Jackson – I took an online creative writing course through The Chang School. There were many talented people in that class, and I felt entirely out of my league, but I was encouraged by the instructor to continue. Since then I have written two novels, four short stories, and one children’s book…I mostly work part-time, just four days a week, so I have plenty of time to write, but there have been weeks where I’ve worked more than 40 hours, and I still find that window of time to write. I have to. I feel the urge, the pull, to write. So to anyone that has these same feelings that I have, please keep trying. It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve written something that you KNOW is good.

Sue Maynard, Author, Carving the Light – At The Chang School I found myself immersed in a writers’ community – and I loved every moment of it. The workshops allowed me to interact and share experiences with other writers, which in turn gave me the confidence to publish my first novel. Currently I’m writing my third book!

Brendan Shadford – I had been thinking about developing a website about my sailing trip to Australia for some time and ‘Writers and the New Media’ (CWWR 369) was just the thing I was looking for to get me started. Taking this course helped me focus my ideas and aided me in designing my site. The instructor, Rhonda Abrams, was helpful in critiquing my design and answering any questions I had. From the design and information about providers, to showing me how to get my site up and running, she was invaluable every step of the way. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a strong idea of what they want but just doesn’t know how to start.

Jann Stefoff – The quality of instruction is exceptional. The instructors are selfless, give you great hints, and create a very safe environment right from the get-go. That was one of the delights for me – the classes are made up of a real cross section of people, and everyone feels comfortable in coming forward. In addition, the instructors bring in guests who provide other voices, other opinions from the world of publishing.

William Woods – The online environment makes study possible for busy people – there’s no way I could have attended in a classroom once a week. The online writing workshop course meant that I could read the modules and respond on my own time. Thanks to the instructor’s efforts, we had a strong sense of community: we all emailed one another, and had face-to-face social meetings as well.