Online Writing Workshops

We currently offer two courses online:

CWWR 410 – Short Fiction Writing - Level I

CWWR 952 – Creative Travel Writing

Technical Knowledge Not Required

You needn’t be a tech wizard to work online. If you use email and have basic internet skills, you will have no trouble learning in this mode. Our courses are designed to mimic the classroom experience and to take advantage of working online. You can log in from anywhere in the world and you can choose your own hours – there are no set times to log on.

Modular Format

Each of our ten-week courses is comprised of ten modules. In each module we work together on a new aspect of the writing craft. There is no long lecture to read. Instead, the module offers thinking points and discussion points, followed by an exercise. You respond online, your classmates read what you say/write and respond to it, and the instructor gives feedback. There is a short homework assignment each week.

In ten weeks we cover all the key elements of the genre. In addition, we invite an online guest (publisher/editor) who will answer your questions about the world of publishing and editing.

Participation and Sense of Community

You are expected to comment on the assignments of others, and in turn, they (and the instructor) will comment and critique your posted work. The atmosphere is good humoured and collegial, and there is no shortage of jokes and off -the- cuff observations, just as there would be in an earthbound classroom. In the final modules you will have a chance to post a full draft of a story or travel article.