Our Graduates

Hear Directly From Our Graduates

“Just wanted to let you know that the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority hired me on full time. I am having fun with this new found career and wonder why I didn't do my certificate course much sooner. In the position of GIS Technician, I have prepared all the mapping for Ontario's newest legislation pertaining to Regulations of Development, Interference with Wetlands, and Alteration to Shorelines and Watercourses. Upon completion, my focus moved to floodpain mapping and I am currently completing a database which would permit York Region's GIS and Emergency Management Departments to quickly identify vulnerable structures at various levels of flooding. The work is varied, as are the organizations I work with. The certificate gave me a solid start in the GIS industry and has enabled me to continue to learn on the job.”

Janice Bennett, GIS Technician, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

”Ryerson’s Applied Digital Geography and GIS Certificates have been important to my career development. After completing the Enterprise GIS course in the first Certificate, I became a GIS Consultant for my company; the course taught me quite a few things about the business aspects of the industry. With the Advanced Certificate, I was promoted to a manager and I am now responsible for our GIS staff including GIS Operators, GIS Applications Specialists, and GIS Technicians. I oversee project work between our GIS team, development team, and IT team as well as provide communication with our clients to ensure project work is being completed on time and to their specifications.”

Cameron Hutchison, Manager, Application Services, Angus GeoSolutions Inc

“The Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS at Ryerson University played a significant role in my professional growth in Canada when I emigrated from Belarus with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. I learned how to utilize the GIS technology in a business decision–making process for the retail industry and municipal environment, and I acquired theoretical knowledge on database management and applications programming. The Certificate prepared me for a career in the GIS industry.”

Philip Tananka, Market Planning Analyst, Cara Operations

”The variety of skills I obtained while at Ryerson – from GIS software instruction, to data compilation and analysis, to building customized tools – have been key to my success as the GIS Coordinator at the Town of Ajax. The Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS has also allowed me to build a network of contacts in the GIS field which have proved to be invaluable when we require assistance or feedback with a project or task.”

Nicola Alston, GIS Coordinator, Legislative and Information Services, Town of Ajax

“I just want to send you a letter of thanks and appreciation with respect to the level of education and guidance that I received from you and the other instructors in the Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS...trade area analysis and mapping skills are key in my job.”

Katherine Cruz, Real Estate Manager, Wal–Mart Canada Corp.

“I accepted the GIS Planning Technologist position at the Town of Whitby. Part of the interview was a test to see how much you knew about GIS, all the questions on that test you covered in CODG 100…The education and experience that I received at Ryerson University are major factors in career opportunities that have been presented to me.”

Graeme Williamson, Engineering Technologist (GIS), Town of Whitby

“Ryerson’s Applied Digital Geography and GIS Certificate has been a valuable asset in jump starting my GIS career after a long absence from the field. The content of the courses are situations you could encounter in most GIS jobs, and the instructors and staff were all helpful and knowledgeable. Currently, I hold a GIS Analyst position at a school board.”

Sonja Meehan, GIS Analyst