Course and Certificate Information

Two Certificates to Assist You in Your GIS Career:

For recent university graduates, those starting out in the GIS industry, and professionals new to Canada, the Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS offers the theoretical education and practical training you need for a successful career as a GIS professional:

  • basic understanding of geographic databases, visualization, digital geography, and system components
  • examples of GIS applications in business, municipalities, utilities, environmental management, and community and social services
  • courses in legal and ethical issues, innovations in GIS, GIS programming, map algebra, digital image processing, and web mapping

For GIS professionals wanting to stay current in this fast-changing industry, the Advanced Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS offers you the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills to maintain currency:

  • highly technical specialty courses in spatial database management systems, advanced programming, spatial statistics, and GIS web services
  • ability to reach back to take one advanced elective course in the first certificate
  • integrating, project-based courses which consolidate the in-depth conceptual knowledge and complex skills learned in previous courses

Note: Admission is subject to the Academic Coordinator’s approval. Please contact Dr. Joe Aversa, the Academic Coordinator, to schedule your application interview or to get more information.