International Accounting and Finance Professionals (IAFP) Program

Are you an internationally educated professional in the field of accounting or finance who has immigrated to Canada? Have you brought international experience, credentials, and competencies that have not been recognized in the Canadian marketplace? If your answer is yes, you may have faced some of the following challenges:

  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Complex and unfamiliar professional practice, certification, and employment requirements
  • Difficulty communicating the value of your previous experience and marketing your competencies successfully in the job market

The International Accounting and Finance Professionals (IAFP) program was developed to assist and support individuals like you. It is designed to help you achieve your objectives in the shortest time possible.

This unique program includes the following two options (as determined by the IAFP intake assessment process):

Whether you’re an internationally educated accounting or financial services professional, or an employer looking to access skilled talent, the IAFP program has been designed to accelerate learning and professional development by bridging gaps in competencies and skills.