Radio and Television Arts

Drawing curriculum from Ryerson University’s School of Radio and Television Arts, these professional courses are designed for students interested in pursuing or advancing their careers in communications and electronic media. Our hands-on courses balance theory with practice while providing you with both a context and a critical lens through which you may view your work.

Certificate in Media Writing Fundamentals

A well-written script has the power to provoke laughter, draw a tear, and deliver information that both enlightens and entertains. The Certificate in Media Writing Fundamentals will help you develop an introductory portfolio of written material, including broadcast news, commercials, and television scripts. You will gain a thorough overview of the various forms of writing for the electronic media, including dramatic writing, commercial writing, and writing for factual programs.

How Can a Certificate Benefit You?

Completion of our Certificate in Media Writing Fundamentals adds value to you! Here are some great reasons to pursue your certificate:

  • Build a comprehensive base of practical, real-world knowledge and skills.
  • Earn a well-respected credential that carries significant weight in this industry.
  • Develop professional connections through your fellow students, expert instructors, and other industry specialists.
  • Make your education a priority, complete a full program of study, and enjoy the reward of achieving a milestone goal.

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Equipment/Facilities Use
As a Chang School student, you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to support your learning experience. RTA courses are taught in the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University, a fully interactive and highly adaptable communications world featuring computing laboratories, TV studios, audio facilities, and networked media and print facilities. For more information about the centre, visit

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