Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Degree Students Pursuing a Certificate Program

Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program and pursuing a Chang School certificate should ensure that their course enrolments are within the appropriate career, otherwise all courses taken under the undergraduate career will be automatically used towards the degree cumulative grade point average (CGPA), and not the certificate program CGPA. Courses taken or enrolled in through the Undergraduate career (cross-enrolment) may be used to meet certificate requirements; however, the grades in these courses will not be included in Continuing Education career CGPA.

Please Note: Ryerson’s residency requirement stipulates that 50 percent of courses in a Ryerson certificate must be Ryerson courses taken after registering in the certificate program and through The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

Undergraduate Degree Students Considering Chang School Studies

Some certificates are not available to students enrolled in specific degree programs. Certificate restrictions can be found at www.ryerson.ca/currentstudents/curriculumadvising/curriculum-requirements/changcertificates.html. Ryerson undergraduate full-time degree program students who enrol in continuing education courses through The Chang School will be charged the applicable Chang School course fee(s) in addition to the applicable fees assessed for their degree program courses.

Chang School Students Considering Full-Time or Part-Time Degree Studies

The following are some full-time program policies students should be aware of if they plan to attend a full-time day or part-time evening program in the future.

  • All individuals must formally apply for admission. Application information is available at www.ryerson.ca/undergraduate/admission.
  • Students should carefully review current degree program admission requirements, deadlines, and policies at www.ryerson.ca/undergraduate/admission.
  • All students should familiarize themselves with graduation requirements at the time of formal admission into a full-time undergraduate program.
  • Students should be aware of the current degree program policy on academic suspensions from external universities/colleges and from Ryerson programs and courses. Current information is found in the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar (online at www.ryerson.ca/calendar).
  • It should be noted specifically that continuing education courses cannot be used for degree credit/completion if taken during a period of suspension from a full-time program without prior permission from a student’s program department.
  • Ryerson’s Mature Student policy may vary from certificate to degree programs. For specific information on the full-time Mature Student guidelines, please refer to the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar or www.ryerson.ca/undergraduate/admission.

Transfer Credit for Full- and Part-Time Degree Programs

Transfer Credits are granted for courses successfully completed at other post-secondary institutions prior to enrolment as a student at Ryerson. Students are not required to apply for Transfer Credits for courses taken at Ryerson. See Using Continuing Education Courses to Meet Degree Requirements below for further information.

Transfer Credits granted toward a certificate program that are applicable to a Ryerson degree program will automatically apply toward the degree program upon confirming an offer of admission. Once enrolled, Students are advised to generate an Academic Advisement (AA) Report on RAMSS to confirm which credits apply.

Information on the Transfer Credit policy, how to apply, and deadlines is available on the Transfer Credit website.

Using Continuing Education Courses to Meet Degree Requirements

Degree-applicable courses taken through The Chang School prior to formal admission into a Ryerson degree program may be used to meet program requirements; however these courses will not be included in the calculation of a student’s degree program grade point average. Approval of course exceptions (substitutions/directives) may be required in order for a course to be used towards meeting degree requirements.

Use of continuing education courses to meet requirements of Engineering degree programs will require formal approval of the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science.

No more than a total of 50 percent of a program’s requirements may consist of Challenge Credits, credits granted on a Letter of Permission, and Transfer Credits.