Registration in a Certificate Program

If you are registered in a Chang School certificate program, you are entitled to enrol in advance of the regular enrolment periods. You will receive priority consideration for acceptance in your chosen course(s) and avoid the possible disappointment of filled classes.

All students intending to graduate from a certificate program are required to register in the program and to achieve and maintain a minimum level of academic performance. Ryerson policies on enrolment, grading, and graduation define the minimum level of acceptable academic performance required to graduate and apply to all certificate programs.

Students may be registered in only one certificate program at any one time. Each application, either for certificate registration or for transfer into a different certificate program, requires the submission of a new request online through RAMSS in advance of the published application deadline. There is no registration/transfer fee for certificate applications.

Applications received after the published deadlines will be applied to the term directly following and the student’s registration in the certificate will not take effect until that term. For example, if you enrol in certificate courses in the Fall term, but do not submit your certificate registration request until after the Fall deadline, your registration in the certificate program will take effect in the Winter term. This means any applicable certificate courses you successfully completed in the Fall term will not be included in your cumulative grade point average (CGPA), however, they will count as credit towards your certificate graduation requirements (up to a maximum of 50 percent).

Items Required for Registration

To register in a certificate program, continuing education students must have the following:

  • A valid Ryerson University Student Number
  • An active Ryerson Online Identity and password
    If you have a student email account at Ryerson University, then you have a Ryerson Online Identity. If you can’t remember your password, visit, click “Log into my.ryerson” and then “Need help?”
    If you don’t have a Ryerson Online Identity, you can get one by submitting a request at

Registration Procedures

You must register in the certificate program prior to the completion of 50 percent of the requirements for the certificate. Failure to register by this time could adversely affect your graduation and your GPA calculation, i.e., by delaying your graduation by at least one term or possibly requiring that you complete additional courses.

The following steps must be taken when applying to register in each Chang School certificate program:

  1. Check the Curriculum Advising website for any registration restrictions.
  2. Consult Important Dates for application deadlines.
  3. Review the certificate program to determine if you meet the admission criteria and/or if you require departmental approval prior to registration in your program. Some certificate programs require you to obtain departmental approval prior to registration in the program. You may obtain the appropriate “Program Pre-approval Form” from Forms and Documents. You must submit your pre-approval confirmation code with your online registration.
  4. If you have a Ryerson Student Number and an active Ryerson Online Identity, register in a certificate program online in your RAMSS Student Centre by clicking “Chang Certificate Reg/Trnsfr”. If you are a new student and need a Ryerson Student Number, or you are returning to Ryerson and need your Ryerson Student Number retrieved, visit Request or Retrieve a Student Number. If you can’t remember your password, visit, click “Need help?” and then “Students” to reset your password.
  5. If your application is accepted, confirmation will be issued within two business days for your online registration (this timeline may be extended during peak periods such as the start and end of term).

Students have two options as to when to register in a certificate program:

Option 1: Register in the certificate prior to enrolling in the first course taken in the certificate

Choosing this option ensures that all courses taken towards the certificate will be included in your cumulative GPA.

Option 2: Register in the certificate prior to the completion of 50 percent of the certificate program requirements

This option allows students to attempt courses in the certificate program prior to deciding to register in and pursue the certificate. Choosing this option means that courses completed prior to registration, up to a maximum of 50 percent, will be used towards the certificate’s graduation requirements, however, will not be included in your cumulative GPA.

Ryerson full- and part-time undergraduate students wishing to pursue a Chang School certificate program should be aware of possible registration restrictions (e.g., the Certificate in Accounting - Finance is not open to students in the full- or part-time Business Management - Accounting major undergraduate degree program). Refer to the Curriculum Advising website for a complete list of certificate restrictions.