Our Students

“Working in IT in the financial services sector, my personal interests in carbon management and energy efficiency brought me to the Certificate in Sustainability at Ryerson’s Chang School.
The foundation course paints a broad brush stroke about sustainability and the lens (frameworks) through which it could be perceived. The course content allows for appreciation of the complexities and nuances in both the local and global discussions around sustainability.
Instructors for this course were top notch – knowledgeable, passionate, and articulate about sustainability issues and challenges. They used real-world examples to illustrate the academic readings and their insights were of immense value in understanding the concepts.
The diversity and the background of the students in the class made networking and the exchange of ideas and thoughts a dynamic and rewarding experience.
I would highly recommend the certificate to anyone who wants a better understanding of sustainability and its applicability to their domain.”
Anantha K. Prasad
Principal, Saran Consulting Inc.

“After completing an undergraduate degree with a double major in Geography and Anthropology, I found it was necessary to further my sustainability knowledge in order to succeed in the emerging field of corporate responsibility. The Chang School’s innovative programming allows me to study sustainability in a variety of interest sectors (economics, architecture, environmental management, tourism, etc).
The Certificate in Sustainability has facilitated a continuous intellectual dialogue – in classroom and online – between students from a variety of backgrounds (engineering, social sciences, public relations). It provides an opportunity to gather, share, and consolidate knowledge on this rapidly growing and complex field. The professors were able to further the conversation by integrating theories and practical understanding into the discussion. This program has allowed us all to develop a well rounded understanding of this multi-dimensional idea of sustainability. Further, it has provided practice in public speaking, presentations, critical thinking, and problem solving.
Presently, I am involved with an internship at the Metro Convention Centre in the Corporate Responsibility office focusing my efforts on sustainability initiatives. The Certificate in Sustainability has provided me with a working knowledge of sustainability and has me well positioned to be a contributing member of the Corporate Responsibility team. I am confident in taking on various sustainability projects and discussing environmental initiatives. This program has been essential in helping me refine the knowledge I gained in my undergraduate education; it has allowed me to penetrate the industry with confidence. I would absolutely recommend the program to individuals who are interested in pursuing the sustainability field – or for those who wish to garner a full understanding of sustainability.”
Lindsey Goodchild
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Co-ordinator, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

“I’m very excited to have just completed the introductory course in The Chang School’s Certificate in Sustainability. Overall, this course has provided me with solid foundational knowledge of the key ideologies and frameworks that surround this complex topic.
Although I am still in the early stages of the program, I am already finding that ideas and topics discussed in the course have started to influence the thoughts and decisions that I make in my professional and personal life. I am looking forward to enrolling in Fundamentals in Sustainability II, and the opportunity to take an in-depth look at key sustainability issues that our world faces today and into the future.
I found Professor Klages to be very knowledgeable, professional, and well-prepared. Class time was well organized, with a good balance between course material delivery, group presentations, and class discussion. He was friendly and approachable and made the time to address student questions and provide guidance.
The small class size and informal setting helped to foster a comfortable environment that was conducive to learning, participation, and open dialogue. The ability to interact with students from diverse professional and educational backgrounds and with varied interests also enriched my academic experience.
Soon after obtaining my undergraduate degree in Geography, I began my employment with Rogers Communications. Over the past 15 years, I have held various positions with this organization, primarily within corporate communications. In recent years, many leading organizations have recognized the need for a strategy that balances economic growth with considerations for the environment and social issues. I believe that The Chang School’s Certificate in Sustainability will help me to bridge my experience and expand my career into corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility, or other related areas.”
Nick Savva
Manager, Knowledge Management, Rogers Communications Inc.