Publishing Intensive (CDPB 999)

CDPB 999 Publishing Intensive gives 24 students a quick-start toward completion of the Certificate in Publishing. Over three months of intensive full-time study, participants will complete six of the eight courses required to earn the certificate.

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Who should register in the Publishing Intensive?

  • university graduates and career-changers looking to enter the publishing industry with a set of hands-on, practical skills
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What’s included?

  • six Publishing certificate courses
  • lab and classroom access, as well as access to other services
  • ongoing instructor and academic coordinator support and counselling
  • access to internships, job opportunities, and program awards

Courses covered in the Publishing Intensive

CDPB 999 Publishing Intensive includes the following courses:

CDPB 100 Publishing Overview: Trade
CDPB 102 Copy Editing for Books, Journals, and Reports
CDPB 103 Production for Books, Journals, and Reports
CDPB 110 Publicity for Book Publishers
CDPB 200 Publishing Overview: Education
CDPB 212 Visual Skills for Publishing

To complete the requirements for the Certificate in Publishing, students may take the two remaining credits in subsequent terms.

Sample Schedule

Each week of the 12-week Publishing Intensive offers a full schedule of in-class instruction, group work, instructor support, guest speakers, and field trips. Students will spend two full weeks immersed in each of the six courses included in the Intensive.

Weekly Course Schedule
May 7–18, 2018Publishing Overview: Trade (CDPB 100)
May 22–June 1, 2018Publishing Overview: Education (CDPB 200)
June 4–15, 2018Visual Skills for Publishing (CDPB 212)
June 18–29, 2018Copy Editing for Books, Journals, and Reports (CDPB 102)
July 3–13, 2018Production for Books, Journals, and Reports (CDPB 103)
July 16–27, 2018Publicity for Book Publishers (CDPB 110)

Note: Schedule is subject to change. There will be no classes on May 21 (Victoria Day) and July 2, 2018 (Canada Day).

Electives available to Publishing Intensive students, Fall 2017–Spring 2018

Publishing Intensive students may choose to complete their certificates with two full credits or one full and two half-credits in later terms (costs not included in the Intensive fee), either on campus in our regular evening courses or via distance education.

Full-credit electives

CDPB 101 The Business of Book Publishing
CDPB 104 Introduction to Book Design
CDPB 105 Sales and Marketing for Book Publishers
CDPB 201 Literary Rights Management
CDPB 202 Substantive and Stylistic Editing
CDPB 312 Practical Grammar and Punctuation
CDPB 803 Digital Publishing and Production

Half-credit electives

CDPB 300 Children’s Classics in the 21st Century
CDPB 301 Publishing for Children
CDPB 302 Government Reports
CDPB 304 Scholarly and Reference Publishing
CDPB 306 Trade Books: Fiction
CDPB 309 Editing Books for Children and Teens
CDPB 310 Proofreading for Books, Journals, and Reports
CDPB 311 Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports
CDPB 313 Marketing Books for Children and Teens

Program Design

Lectures and coursework are scheduled for four to four and a half days a week over three months (12 weeks); the fifth day is a self-study/group work day with access to instructor support. Field trips may also be included. Most classes will be held on campus, but some segments of some courses may be completed via distance education, enabling you to be taught by our experienced – but busy – instructors, who bring you current knowledge from their current jobs.

Scheduling and Fees

For the most up-to-date information on scheduling and fees, please visit the CDPB 999 course page.

Note: Canada Revenue Agency has implemented the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) that allows students to withdraw amounts from RRSPs to finance training or education. If you meet the conditions outlined by the LLP, this may help you cover your tuition fees for the Publishing Intensive program. View the Canada Revenue Agency’s website for more information on the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) and to see if you meet the requirements of the plan.


Priority enrolment in CDPB 999 for certificate students begins on February 11, 2019.
Regular enrolment begins on February 25, 2019.
Note: To gain access to priority enrolment, students should register in the certificate program in advance of the priority enrolment period. Class size is strictly limited, so early enrolment is strongly encouraged.

Phone: 416.979.5035

Please note that the deadline for registering in this intensive program is April 19, 2019. You are strongly encouraged to register early. If you will be travelling from outside of Toronto to attend the program, please contact Ana Abreu at before making any travel or accommodation arrangements so that she may confirm the program status.

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