Short Filmmaking: On Location (CDMP 231)

Short Filmmaking: On Location (CDMP 231) is an intensive eight-day course that combines making short films with the excitement of travelling and experiencing a new environment. This year’s course location is still to be determined.

In this production class, innovative approaches to short filmmaking will be the focus of the course. Motion will be explored in a digital environment, using After Effects. Combining technical and theoretical components, this unique course will take advantage of various shooting locations and cultural resources. This course will include lectures, organized visits, technical workshops in After Effects, and critiques of student work.

Check out Ryan Walker’s Ísland, a film created during the Spring/Summer 2012 offering of CDMP 231.

To view more of Ryan’s work, visit his website.

Short Filmmaking: On Location (CDMP 231) is taught by Ryerson Associate Professor Pierre Tremblay and Academic Coordinator James McCrorie:

Pierre Tremblay, MFA

Pierre is a Canadian-born multimedia artist who came to Ryerson after twelve years in Paris, France. His work as an artist has for more than twenty years combined new technology and photography and he is exhibited regularly in Canada and France. Pierre is an associate professor at Ryerson and has been teaching Visual Studies for the last twelve years. This course includes instruction in After Effects.

James McCrorie, BAA

James is currently the Academic Coordinator and a part-time instructor in the School of Image Arts. He manages international exchanges for the school and takes on the day-to-day events and coordination for the workshop. His teaching expertise includes digital imaging and video production.

For the course fee, you will be provided with hands-on training, accommodation, local transit, guided tours, and entrance fees. Students are required to make their own transportation arrangements.